Why Use Grammarly?: An Instant Language Tool To Boost Your Paperworks 2021

I used Grammarly to grammar-check this post. Because no one is perfect. Seriously, in case you haven’t already heard me complain about grammar, let me make myself abundantly clear: I hate grammar.

I hated learning grammar as a kid.

I hate teaching grammar as a grown-up, homeschooling mom.

And I’m pretty sure my kids enjoy parsing and diagramming as little as I once did.

But here’s the rub. If you write, you need to know the basics of grammar. Now, I also believe that memorizing every grammar rule backwards and forwards will not automatically make someone write well. After all, most readers can’t tell a dangling participle from a split infinitve. What most folks want (teachers included) is the ability to write a well written paper, email, or proposal that isn’t full of mistakes.

Even if you’re one of those weirdos who actually enjoy circling nouns and underlining adverbs, you can probably use a little help now and again. That’s why I love Grammarly.

Writing a blog post?

Composing a business letter or resume?

Sweating out a term paper?

Sending an important email?

Grammarly can

  • instantly find and correct over 250 types of grammatical errors
  • improve word choice with context-optimized vocabulary suggestions
  • avoid plagiarism by checking your texts against billions of web pages
  • find missing words, typos, spelling errors, and more.
  • suggest stronger adjectives and help avoid repetitive words

How awesome is that? And it’s even free to get started, so you can see how awesome it is for yourself.

What are you waiting for?

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