Why Don’t You Try This Book? Book Review About Fierce Women By Kimberly Wagner 2022

The book is written by Kimberly Wagner, who uses her own life experiences as a pastor’s wife and all-around intimidating church lady, as well as the captivating stories of other women, to share her thoughts on what it means to be a godly, fierce woman. How often do we, as strong personalities, misuse our fierceness to walk all over the people in our lives, especially our husbands? Wagner addresses the heart issues that can drive women to offend and alienate folks around them and urges readers to instead use that very fierceness to cultivate a passion for the Lord and for others.

But don’t think these chapters condemn outright all the qualities of intense women in the hojpes of making us all mousy doormats.

Uh uh.

Wagner reveals how we cand cultivate healthy attributes like

  • faithfulness
  • determination
  • passion
  • courage
  • devotion
  • and perseverance

whilst putting a hard stop to the sinful side of fiercenss like

  • manipulation
  • aggression
  • anger
  • pride
  • coersion
  • and intimidation

Wagner shares much of her own marital struggles in which she spent years alienating her husband because of her own destructive fierceness. She writes, “I don’t think most of us realize how much we affect our husbands, and I think we’re often unaware of when our God-given strenghts transform into this destructive fierceness. I know I was. I really thought my husband was the problem in our relationship.”

The author also takes time to address the cultural influences on women, and how those influences have often assigned opposite roles to men and women, drastically damaging marriagees in the process.

Fierce Women is ultimately a story of redemption. How when we submit ourselves to the Lord, He delights in redeeming our fierceness for His glory and purpose. In it, we gain insight into how those of us with strong personalities and intense passions can cultivate Christlike attitudes that are determined rather than destructive.

Not only can I highly recommend that you read Fierce Women, but the publisher has graciously offered a copy to one of my readers. To enter for your chance to win, just leave a comment below and I will announce the winner on Friday.

Can’t wait? you can order your own copy by clicking here.

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