Why Don’t You Try This Book? Book Review About Fierce Women By Kimberly Wagner 2022

Kimberly Wagner is the author of the book, and in it, she discusses what it means to be a godly and tough woman by drawing from her own life experiences as a pastor’s wife and all-around frightening church lady, as well as the compelling tales of other women. How often do we, as persons with strong personalities, take use of our fierceness to bully the people in our life, particularly our husbands? Wagner tackles the heart problems that may lead to women offending and alienating the people around them, and she encourages readers to instead harness that same fierceness to create a passion for the Lord and for other people.

Do not, however, get the impression that the chapters in question reject categorically all of the characteristics that are associated with strong women in the hopes of turning us all into meek doormats.

Uh uh.

Wagner reveals how we cand cultivate healthy attributes like

  • faithfulness
  • determination
  • passion
  • courage
  • devotion
  • and perseverance

whilst putting a hard stop to the sinful side of fiercenss like

  • manipulation
  • aggression
  • anger
  • pride
  • coersion
  • and intimidation

Wagner exposes a significant portion of her own marital troubles, including the fact that she spent years driving her spouse away due to the destructive ferocity of her behaviour. She adds, “I don’t believe most of us know how much of an effect we have on our husbands, and I think we’re frequently unconscious of when our God-given strengths turn into this destructive fierceness.” She refers to this as “the destructive fierceness.” I am sure that I was. I was under the impression that my spouse was the source of the issues in our marriage.

The author also devotes some of her time to discussing the cultural influences that act upon women. She discusses how these influences have frequently resulted in men and women being assigned roles that are diametrically opposed to one another, which has significantly harmed the institution of marriage.

In the end, Fierce Women is a narrative about second chances and redemption. How the Lord takes great pleasure in reclaiming our ferocity for His own glory and for the fulfilment of His plan when we give ourselves up to Him. It enlightens us on how those of us who have powerful personalities and great emotions may build Christlike attitudes that are determined rather than destructive, and it does so by providing us with insight into how this can be done.

Not only can I wholeheartedly suggest that you check out “Fierce Women,” but the publisher has also been kind enough to provide a copy of the book to one of my readers. Simply leave a comment below to be included into the giveaway, and I will let you know on Friday whether you were the lucky winner.

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