The Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum In Pennsylvania 2022: Resources You Need To Start Your Study At Home

The speed with which time moves is something that genuinely never ceases to amaze me. The clock ticks at a faster rate the older they get. Since Noah completed his high school education in the spring of this past year, I am now only actively teaching three students. Every year in the fall, I make an effort to disseminate our homeschooling curriculum because so many other homeschooling parents ask me what resources we like and what we use.

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Best Homeschooling Book

For Secular Homeschoolers Too – The Hardings provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the method they iterated over the years to work for their own family. It’s enormously useful in that sense. Young homeschooling families can learn the pitfalls of trying to replicate “school”, what the challenges of homeschooling are, that working parents can homeschool too, and how to hack education so that real learning happens.

Case Of Noah

In case you are curious about what Noah is doing, he recently took the oath of enlistment in the Air National Guard and is scheduled to begin basic training on January 9. After that, he is going to spend some time in California getting trained as a technician for his ANG job. It is hoped that he will be finished with all of that in time for the fall semester of the following year so that he can start college classes. While attending classes and working part-time this semester, he is preparing to take the exam to become licensed for unmanned aerial flight.

Case Of Fiona

This is Fiona’s senior year, and she is currently preparing for the SAT, going on college visits, and filling out scholarship applications. Although she already had the required number of credits to graduate, we encouraged her to continue her education and earn a few more credits. At Geneva College, she is enrolled in English Composition and Communications, a course that prepares students for the SAT, and Algebra 2 using Teaching Textbooks. We made the decision not to enroll her in our co-op for her senior year because she did not require the credits that it offered. After much deliberation and prayer, we have come to the conclusion that this is the best course of action for us to take.

Case Of Silas

As a sophomore, Silas is taking a full course load, something that he is not entirely sure he wants to do. He is using Teaching Textbooks to study geometry as part of his math curriculum. Because we had such a good time with Notgrass history the year before, he has decided to take their high school World History course. I enjoy it when we are able to do work that is more like units because this combines not only history and geography but also the Bible and English. He is currently studying Spanish 1 with the help of and a collection of Spanish grammar and vocabulary books that I put together. Abeka was the program that we were going to use in the beginning to learn Spanish, but I didn’t find it to be very user-friendly. This merely indicates that the user, in this case me, did not find it to be usable. At our co-op, he will be studying Shakespeare, American Government, Finance, and Sports Science. He also plans to study Finance. So yes, lots to do.

Case Of Judah

My youngest son, Judah, who will be in the eighth grade this year, will also be using Teaching Textbooks for his mathematics instruction and will be studying pre-algebra. My son is the one who says he isn’t very good at math, but he works his way through each lesson, taking it one step at a time, and only occasionally asks for assistance. In my opinion, consistent effort is superior to simple comprehension any day of the week. He will be utilizing the Notgrass From Adam to Us textbook, which is also a world history, and it will be a combination of English, history, geography, and the bible. In addition to that, he is going to participate in Typing Instructor For Kids, which is a program similar to a video game that teaches children how to become proficient typists. Shakespeare, health and fitness, and nutrition are the subjects of the classes that he will be taking at our co-op this semester.

Through our homeschool sports program, Judah is also participating in the sports of basketball and soccer this year. Sy, too, will be participating in the game of basketball, and once again, his father will serve as his coach. Yours truly will continue to serve in this capacity at home games for the foreseeable future.

Just refer to me as DJ Mom, OK? Or don’t.

It is required of us in the state of Pennsylvania to keep a log of the days and the resources that we use. This year, as I was browsing the shelves at Target, I came across this daily agenda type planner made by Markings/Gibson. It seems like every year I find something new to use, and this year was no exception.

It only has 90 pages, so I’ll need to purchase a second one, but I really enjoy the straightforward format, so it will be worth it to me in the end.

The majority of our education will continue to take place in the dining room because of its convenient location, ample space, and high level of functionality.

What kinds of resources do YOU plan to use this year?

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