The Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum In Pennsylvania 2022: Resources You Need To Start Your Study At Home

I never fail to be astonished, truly, at how quickly time passes. The older they get, the faster it ticks. With Noah graduating this past spring, I am now down to actively teaching three kids. Since many fellow homeschoolers often ask me what resources we like, what we use, I try to share our homeschool curriculum every fall.

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Best Homeschooling Book

For Secular Homeschoolers Too – The Hardings provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the method they iterated over the years to work for their own family. It’s enormously useful in that sense. Young homeschooling families can learn the pitfalls of trying to replicate “school”, what the challenges of homeschooling are, that working parents can homeschool too, and how to hack education so that real learning happens.

Case Of Noah

In case you are wondering about what Noah is up to, he has sworn into the Air National Guard and will be heading off to basic training on January 9. Following that he will spend some months in CA doing tech training for his ANG job. Hopefully, he will be finished with all that in time for next year’s fall semester to begin college courses. During this semester, he is studying to take his Unmanned Aerial Flight licensing and working part-time.

Case Of Fiona

Fiona is a senior this year and in the midst of SAT prep, college visits, and scholarship applications. Technically, she had enough credits to already graduate, but we wanted her to take a few more credits. She is taking Algebra 2 using Teaching Textbooks, an SAT prep course, and English Composition and Communications at Geneva College. Because she didn’t need the credits we decided not to enroll her in our co-op for her final year. It was a hard decision, but after praying and talking it through, we feel it’s the right one.

Case Of Silas

Silas, as a sophomore, has a full course load which he is a little hesitant about. For math, he is taking Geometry through Teaching Textbooks. Since we enjoyed Notgrass history last year, he will be doing their high school World History course. This actually combines history, geography, the bible, and even English, and I like when we can do unit-type work. He is taking Spanish 1 using a combination of and some Spanish grammar and vocab books I cobbled together. We initially were planning to use Abeka for Spanish, but I found it not very user-friendly. Which only means that I, the user, did not find it workable. At our co-op, he will be taking a sports science class, American Government, Finance, and Shakespeare. So yes, lots to do.

Case Of Judah

Judah, my youngest and an 8th grader this year, will also be using Teaching Textbooks for math, doing Pre-Algebra. He is my kid who thinks he’s not very good at math, but he plods through each lesson, day by day, and only sometimes needs help. In my mind, hard work trumps easy understanding any day of the week. He will be using Notgrass From Adam To Us (also a world history) that will be a combination of history, geography, bible, and English. He will also be taking Typing Instructor For Kids, which is a video game-style program to help kids become proficient typists. At our co-op, he will be taking Botany/Zoology, Shakespeare, and a health/fitness/nutrition class.

Judah is also playing soccer and basketball this year through our homeschool sports program. Sy too, will be playing basketball, with his dad as his coach once more. Yours truly will continue to be the music man at home games.

Just call me DJ Mom. Or don’t.

In Pennsylvania, we are required to keep of log of days with what resources we use. Each year I seem to find something different to use, and this year I was perusing Target’s shelves and found this daily agenda type planner by Markings/Gibson.

It only has 90 pages, so I’ll need to purchase a second one, but I love the simple layout, so it’s worth it to me.

We continue to do most of our learning in the dining room, as it’s central, large, and works well.

What resources are YOU using this year?

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