Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2021: 3 Tips To Surprise Your Loved One

Valentine’s Day is near, what are you planning to do for your love one?

I know you’ve read somewhere from the internet that you should surprise your love one by making your date creative, be interesting, plan well, and have sense of humor when doing all the above.

But what many people want to know about Valentine’s Day tips are, what gifts should you choose? What ideas should you have to do for your surprises?

Here are 5 gifts tips for women to men:

1. Hi-tech gadgets and toys – this gift tips is suitable for 80% of men in the world! Get him some toys like Robo Sapien Robot, Paint Ball Kit, iPod. Pocket PC, Mp3 Players…etc

2. Car accessories – Is your men a car crazy? Get a car magazine from your nearest bookstore and start looking for tips to shop for the best car accessories. This works only for men who are obsess with cars, so please do know your men.

3. Computer parts – Like men who love Hi-tech gadgets, there as high as 80% men who love computers, you can know when men start to lecture about their geek hobby in computers. Get ideas from computer magazine and shop for the perfect computer upgrades parts as a gift.

4. Clothes – Some men have special taste in clothes. Forget the tie, get your man a stylish shirt, I’m sure he has lots of ties to go with it.

5. Perfume – If your man owns more clothes than you do, giving perfume as a gift will be a good idea.

Here are 5 gifts tips for men to women:

1. Write personalized love letter or poem – There is no shortcut; spend some time creating words from the bottom of your heart. I’m sure you can do it if you REALLY love her so much. And please don’t copy from else where, dumb blonde may not be so dumb nowadays.

2. Flowers go with card, chocolates or jewelry – Some experts might say giving these may be showing you’re predictable. But no doubt women still love men giving them these gifts, every woman loves attention from men.

3. Romantic Dinner – If you want to become a romantic Romeo of Valentine’s Day, plan a romantic evening by having a dinner with your lady.

4. Lingerie – This works best only IF you’re very close with her. Don’t get your lady lingerie for knowing her 3 days. Also, giving only lingerie might looks like an invitation for sex, and this will disappoint her by thinking all you have in mind is SEX.

5. Best gift, combine all from the above – a love letter in a card with roses, and a romantic dinner. Remember to use your creativity as there many men out there might be doing the same. For example, give strawberries dipped in chocolates instead of just chocolates or choose the best bottle of red wine can be interesting to start your lovely evening.

Okay, enough for the gifts. How about some ideas for Valentine’s Day?

How to keep a Valentine’s date interesting? Here some ideas for you to start one:

1. Prepare a romantic dinner yourself, I’m talking about D.I.Y. You can easily pickup ay cookbook from your nearest bookstore or just purchase any e-cookbook online. Then pick the best 5 out from hundreds of recipes, from fine cuisines to exotic drinks.

2. Plan romantic activities, start from dinner to dance, then end the evening with a wonderful love affair. It can be done in your own house or just go out and have fun.

3. Do something special like in the movie, have a romantic picnic at the beach, on a boat, on a plane (if you’re rich enough), on a roof top, ride horses to your dinner date, use trained animal to pass your gifts.

I’m sure by now you already have tons of creative ideas in your mind. Don’t be afraid to try new things, it’s Valentine’s Day!

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