The National Fight BAC: New Partnership for Food Safety Education

The national Fight BAC!? campaign’s upgraded on-line food safety information better serves educators and consumers seeking information to help reduce risk of food-borne illness.

“The Partnership’s website,, is widely utilized by consumers, educators, dietitians and public health officials across the United States,” says Shelley Feist, Executive Director of The Partnership for Food Safety Education.

“Our goal is to make our materials fully accessible, knowing two-thirds of adults turn to the Internet for basic safe food handling information.”

Despite recent declines in outbreaks of several bacterial food-borne diseases, food-borne illness continues to afflict tens of millions of people each year.

Experts agree that education on basic safe food handling is vital to reducing incidence.

The Partnership’s national consumer study reveals that much progress has been made increasing awareness of safe food handling practices, but more work remains to be done.

“Our research shows a direct link between high awareness of safe food handling recommendations and actual proper food handling practices,” says Tim Hammonds, Chairman of the Partnership for Food Safety Education.

“By improving our online offerings we hope to contribute to increased awareness of proper food handling, ultimately reducing risk of food-borne illness nationwide.”

Fully searchable, the new website is more user-friendly, providing important safe food handling recommendations at a glance.

Updated downloadable fact sheets, brochures and other materials for consumer and educator use.

The Fight BAC! campaign empowers consumers with four simple safe food handling practices they can use to reduce their risk of becoming ill: Clean, Separate, Cook and Chill. BAC!,

The campaign’s “bacteria mascot,” is the invisible enemy who tries his best to spread contamination wherever he goes.

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