The Joy Of Giving: Best Investment In Yourself 2022

What is a simple small act of giving during Christmas that does not cost much can leave behind memories that can last a lifetime to a loved one.

I remembered many years back, when I was a small kid of 10 years, one of my aunt who was a devout christian and who celebrated Christmas gave me a Christmas present. It was a big sized book that I could read, on the story of a pirate on the high seas.

It gave tremendous joy to me, a small kid at that time. It wouldn’t have cost her more than $10 for it, but her act that day gave me tremendous joy that lasted until this day – a simple act of giving that touched my heart, and which remains cherished.

Though this aunt is now living in another foreign land, thousands of miles apart, and there has not been any communication between us for over twenty over years, yet there is this unwavering bond of love that somewhere in this world, there is someone who cared many, many years back, and whom I would desire to want to look her up and visit if there is an opportunity. Indeed, time and distance has not diminished the very memories of her beautiful act of giving that day.

I used to wonder why it is said that it is more blessed to give than to receive. I always felt that receiving something from someone else and keeping it in my pockets was more blessed than to give away.

But then when I think of this little piece of history and personal experience, and recalled the tremendous amount of joy in my heart when I received that story book as a gift, I could remember how my aunt’s face also lit up, and glowed, and she seemed to be to be almost like the wonderful fairy who takes care of everyone on earth, and I am sure she felt blessed, and happy.

Indeed, it is when we give away from ourselves and give to others, such as our loved ones and those in need that we can be blessed in return. A gift is a gift..because we give without expectation of anything in return, but the laws of nature and of this universe dictate that when we give out of love, this love is translated into an energy that cannot be explained, and which will touch lives, and change perceptions, and make the world a better place to live in.

So this Christmas season, pause and think of how we can sow love and give gifts and presents of love to others. Our gifts may not be expensive, but yet they can touch a life when we give off our hearts, and away from ourselves and when we give out of goodwill and love.

Indeed, it is more blessed to give than to receive.

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