9 Steps To Personalize A Clay Pot: Best Homemade Gift For Your Love 2022

Make a beautiful piece of decor for your home if you have a creative spirit and the desire to do so.

If you want something that will make your home more clay pots are an excellent material to work with because of their natural beauty.

You could make a variety of items, or you could paint the clay pot in such a way that it enhances the appearance of the plant. Either way, it would be beneficial.

It’s also possible that the container itself is so visually appealing that you don’t even notice the plant inside of it.

Clay pot measuring four inches in diameter, opaque apple green acrylic paint, opaque blue lagoon acrylic paint, opaque yellow acrylic paint, semi-opaque pumpkin acrylic paint, semi-opaque white acrylic paint, and a fine-point permanent black marker are the materials required to make a painted clay pot.

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Best Clay Pot Arteza Outdoor Acrylic Paint Set

Perfect for painting garden accessories! – Used this set to repaint a lawn ornament. It works really well. Had to add a few layers to cover up the dark with a light color but it worked. The paints are easy to use and cleanup is pretty easy. Colors are pure and clean.

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Best Terracotta Totem Design Planter Pot

Attractive, well-made pots – So cute for the price!! They are all sturdy, well-made, and attractive. the vendor included both a screen to cover the drainage hole, and a felt pad to protect the windowsill under the pot, which is much appreciated. The pots were packaged extremely well, and arrived very quickly. The vendor follows up to insure you received the pots and nothing was damaged

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Best Air Planter Bulb Glass Vase for Home Garden Office Decoration

A nice propagation station – Gorgeous! Perfect for propagating plants or throwing in small flowers. You have to put this together yourself, but it’s easy with the instructions. In order to clean the glass, you have to take all of the pieces off the rod at once – so you will need a helper. There are rubber stoppers in between each glass, which keep them in place.

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Best Clay Pot For Home Garden

A gardener’s necessity – These are the perfect pots for larger succulents because they are shallower than regular pots. Those are hard to find. Very sturdy, real terra cotta and arrived in perfect condition

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Best Ceramic Flower Pot with Bamboo Tray

Perfect little planter – Love them! Would recommend! Packaging was solid! They are like wrapped ceramic. Love the patterns/ colors. The bamboo disks mold quickly is the only downside.

Steps to make a painted clay pot:

  1. Using a small ruler and pencil, you should begin measuring the height of the clay pot just below the rim. This measurement will be used later.

Then make a mark on the clay pot at the point that is exactly halfway between the top and the bottom.

In total, you should take a measurement and make a mark indicating the halfway point in four distinct locations on the pot.

  1. While still holding the plastic measuring tape against the clay pot, connect the points that indicate the halfway mark, and then use a light pencil to draw a line between all of the marks that indicate the halfway point around the pot.
  2. Place the ruler so that each of the points that are exactly halfway around the pot are aligned with it.

Start at the top of the plant pot, just below the rim, and draw a light line with a pencil all the way down to the bottom of the pot at this point.

On the pot, there will be 8 squares drawn for you to choose from.

  1. At this point, you will need to choose a color scheme or an arrangement for the colors into the squares that you have drawn on the pot.

You are free to use any combination of two colors to fill in the squares in one set, and you can use any combination of colors to fill in the squares in the other set.

  1. Place a small amount of pumpkin acrylic paint on the paper plate, and then gather a small amount of paint on the edge of the brush that is straight.

Apply a thick layer of paint to the paper plate, and then use a thin brush to paint along the diagonal lines of one of the squares.

Paint a thick layer all over one of the squares, then trace its outline and fill it in completely with paint.

Next, using the same method that you used for the first pumpkin, paint the square that is diagonally across from it, and then wait for the paint to dry.

Clean the brush, then remold it into its original form.

  1. While the paint is still wet, you should rotate the container so that the other set of four squares is facing you.

Put a little bit of yellow acrylic paint in a squeeze bottle and put it on the paper plate. Yellow paint should be used to outline and fill in one of the squares, and a generous amount of it should be used.

Yellow the square that is diagonally across from it using the same method that you used for the first one, and then wait for the paint to dry before moving on to the next step.

  1. While the paint on this side is still wet, flip the container over so that the first set of four squares is facing you.

Applying the paint to the square diagonally across from it using the same method as you did earlier, squeeze out a small amount of apple green acrylic paint, and then paint the square green.

Again, wait for the paint to dry before rinsing the brush and reforming it into the desired shape.

  1. While this paint is drying, turn the pot so that it is facing the second set of four squares, and squeeze a small amount of acrylic paint in the color blue lagoon onto the paper plate.

Next, using a generous amount of blue paint, trace the outline of one of the squares and fill it in completely. Apply the paint in the same manner to the square in a diagonal pattern, then wait for it to dry.

  1. While the paint on the last squares you painted is still wet, you should start painting the edge of the pot white.

Paint the edges of the paper plate with some white acrylic paint using a few drops that you have squeezed onto the plate.

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