Retro Ideas To Save Money – Frugal Tips You Can Teach Your Young Kids 2022

It seems like everyone is pinching pennies now days. Here are a few retro ideas to save money.

Back in the day…wrinkled clothing and holy knees were out. Here are some tips for a totally retro look. Of course, if you have teens you may want to ignore this entire section or use it for your What Not to Do Guide.

For young children, use iron on patches after the first washing to make the knee less apt to wear. Just iron on the patch where the knee will hit when the knee is bent. This tip is good for construction workers and carpet layers or any job where the knee takes a licking and needs to keep ticking. 

Save ironing…. Test fabric before buying. Scrunch a bit of fabric in you hand for twenty seconds (yes you do need to count on this one) if the fabric wrinkles, it will need to be ironed to look pressed.

Hold up the fabric to the light….. If you can see daylight the fabric will wear fast. Clothing in thrift stores will also show week spots with this magic light trick. For example if you hold up a pair of nice looking jeans, or even a crummy looking pair of jeans this is not a beauty contest, and the pocket shows some daylight, the pocket will give away soon. OK so designer jeans are designed to give away..what can I say, price does no equal quality workmanship.

Wash knits inside out only with other knits. Zippers and rivets can snag soft fabrics.

To darn a pair of socks..Now we’re really into the past… Position a light bulb in the sock over the hole to be filled. Hold the stem of the light bulb and use a darning stitch. Yes there really is a darning stitch. Aren’t you glad you took the time to read this? OK so many of you who are or aren’t glad to read this may ask “Why would you darn a sock ?” Good question. You’ll have to fill in the blank yourself.

Another blast form the past….Place washed nylons, panty hose or knee highs as the case may be,  in the freezer to prolong their  life. Yes Virginia this tip really does work. I suppose nylons were pricey “in the day” as many women froze their stockings prior to wearing. A blast from the past…Many women wore nylons everyday to work.  Stockings were always worn with a dress.

Spaghetti diapers…. Want those Eco friendly cloth diapers to come really clean? Boil the diapers on top the stove with a bit of 20 Mule Team Borax and a little soap.  Use the top of your wood stove to save energy. This works good for a child that is soap sensitive as you can use very little soap, or none, and the diapers will come out On the TV Commercial Toothpaste White. Now that’s white.

In the day… Quilts were made out of scraps of fabric from completed and used projects very little was thrown away. Everything was used again and again. Usually until it wore out. Was there any garbage back then or did things just wear away?  

Now we have…Silly old fashioned re-use ideas

Pampers beware…There’s free diapers out there!!! Out of Pampers or Huggies or in store brand as the case may be.. use newspapers or roll ends from your newspaper source for a Eco-friendly diaper. Fold one sheet of newspaper to fit down the center of a diaper, or use one piece to dry quickly, use the black and white stuff no comics or colored advertising here, wet, hang to dry. When dry fold into the center of  a diaper with the soft diaper fabric facing towards the tot (back in the day…rug rats was a term use to describe a crawling child not a cartoon show) this will make even the thinnest diaper or kitchen towel (used by grandma in a pinch) more leak free. Try making the whole diaper out of newspaper if you wish. In France the used newspaper diaper is then composted in the garden. If you’re in a hurry work the paper back and forth to soften fibers.

Saving the landfills and our pocket book at the same time…Isn’t life grand?

Outdoor/Indoor fire starter….Tightly stuff each section of an empty egg carton with lint from the drier, pour wax on top. Break off a section or two, use to  start your indoor/outdoor fire. Make sure to keep your indoor chimney clean as paraffin can accumulate on the walls of the chimney and cause a chimney fire. Use an electric cup warmer to easily melt old candles.

Now that your candles are melted… Here is another easy fire starter that makes a great gift for the woodsy type. Dip pine cones in melted candles. Dry on wax paper. Fill a wicker basket with your newly made creation …Voila!.. Instant. Reused, Recycled, and Cheap gift! Who said saving money can’t be fun?

Belly Button Clay… Mix two cups of firmly packed drier lint with 1/3 cup warm water, one tablespoon dishwashing liquid, and 6 tablespoons of white glue. Add food coloring or round glitter (Round glitter doesn’t cut small hands like regular glitter) Knead until product resembles clay. Make some useless project for
Grandma and Grandpa; Become the golden grandchild for a day. Of course, one could take this totally seriously and create a huge art project for the city…Hmmm

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