Never Fail Valentine’s Day Dessert: Easy & Adorable Cheesecake For Him & Her In 2021

If you are thinking of what to give for upcoming Valentine’s Day or even other anniversaries, why don’t you make an adorable cheesecake for your partner? Are you concerned about your talents in baking? I brought you easy steps you can follow to make a memorable Valentine’s day.

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✅ Best Valentine’s Cake Kit For Beginners

 Smile—which topping do you want? Best Cheesecake! – Smooth, creamy, and great crust. You would not know this isn’t a New York Cheesecake. Carmel topping. Toasted pecans. And fluffy topping to die. Price is very reasonable. You will purchase again after tasting it. Easy to make and even 10 years old kids could do it by themselves. Easy instructions and few ingredients need added.

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✅ Best Valentine’s Cake Decoration Set

Great set for a home baker – It is a great set with everything you could possibly need for baking. Write some phrases that will express your love. You can draw anything that can recall your first date. It definitely makes your cake special with your decorations.

This is a cheesecake that I have been making for over 20 years if you follow the recipe to the tee you won’t have any problem, it is also colorful as well as the most luscious piece of pastry that you ever put in your mouth. But don’t forget to decorate your house and prepare a gift for your lover! It will make the day more than special but perfect!

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Best Valentine’s Decorations

More than enough for the value – It turns your place into the top Valentine’s Day destination. If you order a set of long tinsel to go along with it, it will make more than enough decorations. Also easy to repackage and store for next year.

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✅ Best Valentine’s Gift That Lasts Eternally

Would buy this again for sure – This is a good product that works good as a gift. With its eternal lasting flowers, it makes you wish for your love also to last forever. You can add some biz or pearls you have, which will make it a more special gift as one-and-only existing present in this world.

Ingredients For The Cheesecake:

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How To Make The Cheesecake:

  1. In a 5-quart mixing bowl, place 2 pounds of cream cheese and 1 cup granulated sugar and mix on low speed until cream cheese is softened and smooth
  2. Place in the bowl 8 ounces sour cream and continue mixing until well blended, at this time add 2 eggs, mix for 2 minutes then add 1 cup flour, and 3/4 cup heavy whipping cream, mix on second speed until your cheesecake batter is smooth and creamy.
  3. At this time your cheesecake mixture should be fluffy like ice cream as it comes out of the ice cream machine. Add the candied fruit, raisins, walnuts, pineapple, chocolate chips, fold everything together.
  4. Prepare your 10-inch x 2-inch springform pan, in a large bowl place your graham cracker crumbs and 2 tablespoons sugar, and your melted butter or margarine, then with a wire whisk, whisk them together until well combined, brush onto the sides of your springform pan a little softened butter so the crumbs have something to hold to, place the crumbs on the sides and bottom of the pan.
  5. Now you add slowly to the pan your cheesecake mix as not to disturb the crumbs too much, now you should have a full pan.
  6. The total weight of the cheesecake with the crumbs on the sides should be 5 to 5-1/4 pounds if you have some batter leftover just chill it, put some whipped cream on it and enjoy.
  7. Preheat your oven to 275 degrees and not more, when your oven is hot place the cheesecake in it and bake for 55 minutes then shut off the oven and let it in there for 3 hours, at the end of this time you should have the most beautiful cheesecake you have ever seen, let the cheesecake on the table for 1 1/2 hours then place it in the refrigerator for about 2-3 hours. Now remove it from the pan and enjoy.
  8. Before serving sprinkle some red edible glitter that you can purchase at any store that has cake decorating supplies.

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