50% Less Likely To Get Heart Disease: Health Benefits Of Tea In 2021

Legend has it that a Chinese emperor was the first to discover Tea when some leaves were blown by chance into a bowl contain some boiling hot water. The tea we drink today is exactly the same and the brewing process has never been interfered with.

It is now known that men who drink black tea which contains Catechins are 50% less likely to die of ischemic heart disease. This happens when our arteries become clogged and are unable to function as they should due to constriction.

We now know that drinking between a half and two cups of tea each and every day may promote fertility by inhibiting abnormalities in our chromosomes.

In a recent test two hundred and fifty women drank as little as half a cup of tea per day and their pregnancy rates were double those who did not.

To get rid of puffy eyes lie on your bed or wherever and place either a moist teabag or tea compress over both of your eyes and leave for about 20 minutes. Swelling around the eyes will disappear and your eyes will return to their former glory.

One way to rid your refrigerator of unpleasant smells is to place one or two used tea bags somewhere within the fridge. The next day any bad smell will be gone!

Use tea to kill warts. The Tannic acid found in tea is said to be just as effective in killing warts as many wart removers that you can purchase over the counter at the local drug store!

Soak a black tea bag in hot water, and then place the damp bag on the wart itself for fifteen minutes a couple of times each day. Slowly the wart will shrink and soon disappear.

Medical researchers have known for many years that men in Asian countries who consume green tea have very low instances of prostate cancer.

Many prominent researchers are convinced that this is due to green tea containing many powerful antioxidants and preventative anti-cancer agents.

In recent Australian studies CSIRO scientists found that the occurrence of skin cancer in laboratory mice was greatly reduced when they were given black tea.

It is thought that Polyphenols which are very strong antioxidants and are contained in the tea are the most likely reason for this phenomenon.
The most expensive teabag in the world was made for the 75’th anniversary of the PG TIPS tea company.

The bag was filled with two hundred and eighty diamonds and expensive limited edition tea leaves. The bag cost 7,500 pounds and was sold at auction in aid of a Children’s hospital in the United Kingdom.

Did you know that Turkey is a nation of mainly Tea drinker? In fact Turkey is now the worlds number one nation when it comes to tea drinking.

Many Turks drink a staggering twenty to thirty cups per day each and tea is now practically their national drink.

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