Impressive Dining & Dessert: Little Things To Amaze Your Friends That No One Tells You Before 2022

What’s wrong with this picture?

I used to serve delicious dinners with wonderful desserts (yes, I’ve checked around and they were wonderful) but, I knew that there was something missing.

After working in the Food Service Industry, I learned that the little things complete the big picture.

It’s not so hard

?For instance, the use of doilies placed on a dessert plate when serving a fine piece of cake. A nice espresso goes extra well with pastries (use espresso cups and saucers.)

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Best Salted Caramel & Maple Syrup Dessert Topping

Very good taste for low calorie syrup – This syrup duo is a great. Tastes good sparingly drizzled over low calorie ice cream etc. . Of course it doesn’t taste exactly as the full calorie version as with other products with sweetener it lacks in depth of flavor, but it does not have an after taste.

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Best Small Cute Footed Tulip Clear Glass Dessert Bowls/Cups

Sturdy and Heavy Duty Dessert Cups – Really quality glass, just a little big smaller than expected, These are sturdy and cute . We use these for melted butter when eating crab or the like

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Best Porcelain Square Dessert Salad Plates 

Great value for cost – The color, quality, and shape of these plates are all wonderful. And, the plates hold heat in much better than the old plastic ones. Now, you can reheat some leftovers for lunch and they stay warm throughout the meal. Very impressed with these.

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Best Healthy Desserts and Snacks Book

Amazing, easy, tasty recipes – Love love love this book! So easy to follow and amazing recipes.  love the clean recipes! The final output of these recipes are delicious. The ingredients are all easy to get items from the grocery and the instructions are easy.

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Best Wilton Silver and Gold Sprinkles Dessert Decorating Set

Perfect Cake Adornment – These are absolutely beautiful sprinkles, the colors are vibrant and beautiful. Very happy with the quality of the sprinkles. Mixed together they created a perfect topping for my niece’s birthday cake.

?You can use wine or champagne glasses to serve desserts a la’ mode. Chill your glasses before your guests arrive, then add some flavorful pound cake and ice cream. Try to have at least two flavors of ice cream to choose from.
Dessert ideas!

?Serve flavored coffee and fresh fruit. It can pass as dessert all by itself, if necessary. Don’t forget the Decaf.

?Keep frozen desserts, around. They are perfect for the unexpected get-together. Most of the fancier desserts can be frozen. Give it about a half an hour to thaw in warm weather. This works perfectly for a late night dessert party.

?Keep some butterscotch, chocolate sauce or caramel on hand for cake decoration. Nice thin swirls across the dessert plate work especially well with, Torte or Cheesecake.

Mini chocolate chips are always great for Chocolate Cake, coupled with fresh raspberries.
A seasonal dessert that makes a great impression.

?Begin with a carton of large ripe strawberries. Clean them but leave on the stems. Melt about 2 to 3 large dark chocolate bars, per carton in the microwave, in a Pyrex measuring cup.

Be very careful not to burn the chocolate. Hold strawberries by the stem, dipping them one by one into the cup.

Place them on a large plate with wax paper. Try to dip just over half of the strawberry. Chill for about 45 minutes. Serve with Columbian coffee or even cappuccino if desired.

Other tips
?When hosting a dessert party, try not to serve pies. Fruit pies in particular are too informal. They interfere with the mystique of the affair.

?Always pre-slice your cake, but serve it to guests, one at a time. Do not have the cake already on the plate, unless your dessert is following dinner.

?Dessert parties are becoming more popular and a little more sophisticated, so use soft lighting and candles.

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