Hybrid Sweeteners And Cancer: Do They Cause Carcinogenic Issues? 2022

What are the benefits of using these new baking sugars that include half sugar and half synthetic sugar, which are now available on the market? Does the use of these drinks and foods that include sugar, carbohydrates, and artificial sweeteners, which are advertised to and consumed by our children, truly provide the customer with an advantage that is much greater?

There was a report on the national news programme NBC Nightly News with Tom Brocaw (11.08.04) about the waterways in Colorado not being as “clean” as many thought they were. It was discovered that the lakes and streams had high levels of oestrogen, which was altering the fish’s biological makeup. The conclusion of the report was that the researchers did not know what the long-term effects of this contamination would be on humans. This begs the question: why do doctors advise cancer-prone women not to take birth control pills? Is it possible that high oestrogen levels are a known contributor to breast cancer and are suspected in other types of cancer as well?

Okay, so if this quality is present in the water that we use for drinking, what other kinds of things have these qualities? Sugar is a known oestrogen; were you aware of this fact? Why… Sugar, when digested, transforms into glucose and enters the bloodstream, where it accompanies oestrogen on its journey to the heart muscle and other cells. Glucose is found in close proximity to a great number of other compounds in the body, including some substances that really shouldn’t be present in the body in such large quantities.

If glucose can escort oestrogen, and if you have an abundance of oestrogen in the water that you drink and the birth control pill that you take, and if you drink and eat foods that have an abundance of elements that cause the glucose to rise in your blood, then doesn’t it stand to reason that you would increase your chances and risks of cancer? If glucose can escort oestrogen, and if you have an abundance of oestrogen in the water that you drink and the birth control pill that you take, and if

So, getting back to the topic that was asked initially, what are the benefits of using a synthetic sweetener as opposed to sugar? The sugar will cause a rise in your glucose levels, and the synthetic has a superior escort system to help the body accept compounds it was never supposed to absorb, such as chlorine or Glutimates, which boost the creation of insulin. The sugar will cause a spike in your glucose levels.

The most common types of man-made sweeteners that are produced and sold in the United States include traces of both chlorine and glutamic acid proteins. If you add to this the use of processed flours in baked goods like cakes, cookies, and pies in an effort to improve their flavour, you are putting even more “sugar” into your body.

No one benefits in any way from the use of these hybrid sweeteners, least of all those people who are already struggling with blood glucose difficulties and younger generations. We do not know what the effects of consuming these artificial sweeteners over a period of 20 to 30 years will be, but we do know that the risk of developing cancer is extremely high for all of us, including our children, in the United States, which is a country in which the health benefits of a food product are not always taken into consideration during the marketing process.

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