How To Stop Drinking Soda?: 7 Tips To Get Rid Of Soft Drinks 2022

They say that nothing good in life is easy, and they are right, whoever they are. The willpower to stop drinking soda is hard to come by for several reasons:

  • The addictive properties of caffeine
  • Advertising works on us, even if we don’t think it does
  • The daily ritual of drinking soda, that pop, or fizz that happens when you first open a can or bottle

These factors and more are working against our collective quest to stop drinking soft drinks. But the first step in conquering soda is to realize these facts and face them head on. Also realize that halting your soda consumption is a choice you make; if you fail to make this choice then you will continue to drink it and continue leading an unhealthy lifestyle. The end goal for most everyone will be moderation.

First, let’s look at the reasons why we should stop:

  • It’s terribly bad for you. Soft drinks account for 1/3 of total sugar consumption in the United States. It is a main cause of obesity.
  • It’s expensive.
  • It is bad for the environment.

Now that we have a solid foundation and multiple reasons for stopping, lets go through some tips to help you stop drinking soda:

The official recommended tips to stop drinking soda:

Find Alternative Beverages

If you are like me, throughout the day you have the need to constantly sip a drink. Instead of drinking soda, you can replace it with a number of alternatives. Some alternatives are non-sugar added juices, drink mixes added to water, and finally water itself.

Get Rid of The Choice

Remove all soda from your refrigerator. Let your roomates or family know that you are quitting soda and will not be buying it (maybe this is easier if you have support of your roomates). Stop buying soda at the grocery store. If it isn’t in your home, you can’t drink it.

Restaurants always have an alternative

One thing I used to falsely tell myself is that soda is the only real choice at restaurants. However, they really do have many choices, water and iced tea (real iced tea, not Brisk which is basically soda) among the healthiest. Try an Arnold Palmer, and you’ll never go back to drinking soda at a restaurant.

Keep a record of days without the soda, and reward yourself.

Keep track of the days when you go without soda. Put a dollar in the piggy bank for every day you abstain. Treat yourself to a nice meal or shiny gadget if you reach your goal of a month, or even year without soda. The money you save not buying sodas will more than pay for it.


This one is hard for me to do but I do find that when I exercise that I have more of a thirst for water and less for soda. Also, exercising is part of leading a healthy lifestyle which is what we are all ultimately trying to do.

Tell your friends

Peer pressure has a strong influence on you. Telling your friends and family will allow them to support your in your goals. After I told my friends and then later relapsed, I often received the nag of “I thought you stopped drinking soda!”

Embrace the Challenge

Once you recognize it will not be easy, embrace the challenge of stopping your habit. Make it a game. Brag about your challenge to yourself or to your friends.  Once you are successful at this, imagine what else you can do and what goals you can accomplish!

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