How To Pack Your Luggage Properly And Efficiently? Post-Pandemic Travel Tips 2021

That amazing island vacation you planned a year ago is finally about to happen, and you’re going crazy packing your luggage. It seems like you have way more stuff than your luggage can handle. How are you going to get everything packed without sacrificing essentials?

Most of us think we are pretty good at packing our luggage with clothes. But did you know clothes won’t come out as wrinkled if they are rolled instead of folded? This also creates more packing room in your luggage. Also, it’s smart to color-coordinate; you bring less. Try coordinating tops and pants with hats and even complementary shoes. If you plan these items to not only coordinate within each outfit but also to mix and match with each other, you’d be amazed at how lightly you can pack. To protect shoes, try slipping a sock over each shoe to save it from getting all marked up in your luggage, and pack small items inside shoes for extra protection.

Don’t forget to put your return address and phone number on electronics you’re packing in your luggage, such as cameras, radios, cell phones, camcorders and pack film, chargers and batteries. Before packing your children’s luggage, write your name and phone number on the insides of their clothing. If they are lost, authorities can contact you.

Create an emergency information file to take packed into your carry-on luggage, including passwords, account numbers and other information you may need. Save it onto a floppy or flash drive and write-protect the document.

Don’t pack essential medications or other things into checked luggage, but in your carry-on luggage. Your carry-on luggage should also include a change of underwear, a copy of your passport, reading material, several heavy weight zip-lock bags, and a high-energy food like Trail Mix or power bars.

Itemized the items in your luggage on a written list and take pictures of your luggage after it’s packed, this is proof that it’s your luggage. If your luggage is stolen you can prove what you packed. Store these in your carry-on luggage.

When traveling far away, you’ll probably spend a good deal of time reading. Start with magazines, and as you finish each one, leave it behind for someone else. This will also lighten your carry-on load considerably. Save book reading for later on in the trip and, if there’s room in your luggage, pack finished books into your luggage to further reduce your carry-on burden.

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