How To Knit A Doll: Easy Steps For Beginners 2022

When you find yourself in the fortunate position of having some spare time on your hands, you might wonder what you should do with it.

There are a lot of wonderful things you could do to make productive and imaginative use of that time.

Creating some kind of handiwork or designing one is one of them. The skill or art of performing a task in an artistic manner is referred to as “craft.”

Numerous ideas for arts and crafts can be found online, such as how to make candles, scrapbooks, painted fabric, painted projects, knitting, and so on.

Knitting is the most popular of these handicraft activities for women, and a large number of them enjoy knitting stuffed toys such as dolls.

Requirement For Making Knitted Doll

The knitted doll needs to be very pliable and easy to make. The requirements for making a knitted doll are as follows: You can make it using any soft yarn you keep on hand for making baby clothes, which will turn it into an even better present for your child.

You will need a pair of scissors, darning needles, a ruler, knitting needles in size 8, a ball of yarn in the color cream or any other color you like, a piece of 5/16 blue sheer ribbon, and 5/16 blue elastic in order to make this.

Instructions for constructing a knitted doll

1. You will need to cast on 34 stitches using a yarn of a softer color; however, you must ensure that you leave an end of about 5 inches so that you can sew it up later.

2. You will need to knit a total of eight rows in order to complete the bottom of the doll.

3. Next, alter the pattern to create the body of the doll. To do this, you will need to knit one row, then purl one row, and continue doing this until you have 62 rows total.

4. After that, you will need to cast off your stitches and cut the knitted piece from the ball of yarn once more, but this time you will leave a gap of five inches for you to sew later.

5. Next, thread your darning needle with one of the ends that measures 5 inches, and sew the end into the side that is adjacent to you. This will eventually cause the sides of the doll to roll up, hiding the stitching that was done on them.

6. Once more, thread your needle with the 5-inch end that was left over, and sew it to the side that is closest to you. This will allow you to roll the knitted side to form the doll.

7. When you have finished knitting the piece, you will need to roll it up and give it the form of a doll by shaping it. You need to lay the knitted piece on your work surface with the front side facing down, but you should keep the back side facing you in a flat position.

8. Next, starting at opposite ends of the paper, roll each edge tightly into a log so that they meet in the middle; however, be sure to keep each rolled side the same length.

9. Unroll the knitted piece that you have been rolling up and place it flat on the surface that you are working on. In this manner, the side that has been rolled up should be facing your work surface, and the other side should be facing you with eight knitted rows.

10. Next, fold the rolled piece of knitted fabric almost in half so that the edge of the side you just folded is touching the top edge of the eight rows of knitted fabric.

11. Next, firmly grasp the knitted piece that has been folded with one hand, and using the other hand, wrap elastic twice over the folded area approximately one and a half inches down from the top. This will secure the fold you made to form the body of the doll as well as make the head of the doll.

12. Now, partially unroll the folded over knitted piece below the elastic. However, you need to continue unrolling the knitted piece until you get the resemblance of the arms on either side of the body as well as knitted areas stretched between them.

13. Next, turn the partially unrolled portion that is located below the elastic so that it is facing the front of the head. This will result in a hood being created that covers the head, with the arms being rolled up near the elastic that divides and creates the neck and the hands.

14. You will need to measure out a length of sheer blue ribbon measuring 15 inches and wrap this blue ribbon around the hood in the same direction as the elastic, moving from the back to the front.

It would look cute if you tied a bow out of the blue ribbon and placed it in front of the doll. You can cut the tail of the ribbon in an angle if you like.

As a result, you now have a knitted doll that you can either embellish as a piece of craft work or give as a present to your children.

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