How To Choose The Best Christmas Wreath: The Evergreen To Decorate Your Home Parties During Covid Time 2021

Most people think of a wreath as a special Christmas-themed decorative ring of pine branches decorated with berries or holly. The truth is, wreaths made from dried twigs or branches are often used to enhance home decor year-round, as these rings of greenery, leaves, and flowers can be great decorative pieces for every season especially Autumn and Summer. Wreaths represent the continuity of life.

Evergreen branches of the wreath came to represent the strength and perseverance of people during difficult times of famine and war. And in ancient Roman times, wreaths made from olive or laurel branches to declare victory were hanged in the window areas or the main doorway, or on a table surrounded by candles. The birth of the Christmas wreath came from this old tradition. Christmas wreaths are most well known as decorative pieces that add that special touch to the Christmas yuletide season.

Today these wreaths can be bought in a specialty store where there are a variety of styles, sizes, and prices available. Most are artificial but look realistic, as they are decorated with dried or silk flowers, artificial berries, or holly. These ringed garlands have become a significant part of the holidays as the possibilities are endless for unique and creative ideas to accent the holiday home decor.

Fresh cut or real Christmas wreaths are often crafted from pine and fragrant balsam fir but are also made from dried leaves, dried twigs, branches, and a mixture of dried flowers, with some using preservatives to extend the life of the wreath.

The advantage of a synthetic wreath is that with proper care and storage, it can be used every year. Most of these wreaths are high quality and extra touches can be added such as berries, bows, silk flowers, bird decorations, and more. With a fresh real wreath, the benefits are that the fragrance is wonderful while trees are not destroyed to produce the wreath. Evergreen branches are pruned for the wreaths and will grow back, and in addition, realistic wreaths can be recycled.

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