Our Home School Curriculum Picks 2022: Syllabus And Resouces Recommendations

The speed with which summer comes and goes never ceases to astound me. Before I can even finish digging up my stash of sunscreen and beach towels, July has arrived, and I find myself in the midst of organizing my class schedule and organizing my curriculum.

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Senior High School

This coming school year will be a little bit different for our family as we have made the decision to sign our two oldest children up for some online classes. They will be in the tenth and ninth grades respectively. We did not want a full-fledged cyber school because it would not leave enough room for our co-op classes, and we are not willing to forego those opportunities. Following a great deal of investigation, we came to the conclusion that Time4Learning was the best option. There, they will each participate in classes focusing on health, English, social studies, and mathematics. The fact that there are no actual teachers for them to consult, which may present a challenge in mathematics, is the only potential drawback to this method.

The first year of Spanish, Forensic Science, Film Studies, Photography, and the History of the American Superhero are some of the other classes that they will be taking at the co-op.

Both Primary and Secondary Education

Our children who are in the fifth and seventh grades will also be enrolled in classes at the co-op. These classes include earth science, speech and presentation skills, espionage, survival, and Lego.

You are all aware of how much we have enjoyed making use of My Father’s World; however, given that we finished the final history cycle the previous year, we have decided to try something new rather than beginning the game all over again this year. As a resource for social studies, we will be using Geography Matters, which contains the various components listed below.

In the area of mathematics, we will continue to make use of Teaching Textbooks, which are among our favorites.

This concludes all activities for the year. Now all I have to do is get organized before the 25th of August, which is when we will begin. What are you going to be making use of this year?

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