Our Home School Curriculum Picks 2022: Syllabus And Resouces Recommendations

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly summer rolls past. I barely unearth my cache of sunscreen and beach towels before July arrives, and I find myself in the midst of class planning and curriculum order.

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Amazing product! – This homeschool planner is so awesome! Especially with the current distance learning requirement, this incredibly helpful in keeping your child on track and engaged in her schoolwork. Having your child to write her goals and then plan out the process of working toward them has been so great for her! Would definitely recommend to anyone homeschooling or doing distance learning, even temporarily.

High School

This year will be a little different for us, as we’ve decided to enroll our older kids (10th and 9th grades) in a few online classes. We didn’t want a full cyber school, as that would not leave room for our co-op classes, which we are not willing to give up. After a lot of research, we decided to go with Time4Learning. There they will each take math, social studies, English, and health classes. The only potential drawback is that there are no live teachers for them to consult, which could be a problem in math.

Other classes they will be taking at co-op are Spanish 1, Forensic Science, Film Studies, Photography, and History of the American Superhero.

Elementary and Middle School

Our younger kids (5th and 7th grades) will be taking classes at co-op too: earth science, speech and presentations, spy class, survival class, and Lego class.

You all know how much we’ve loved using My Father’s World, but last year we finished the final history cycle and have decided to do something different this year rather than start over. We will be using Geography Matters for social studies, which includes the following materials.

For math, we will still be using Teaching Textbooks, which we really like.

That’s it for this year. Now I just need to get organized by our start date of August 25. What are you using this year?

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