HNB Gourmet Retail Store Enters Final Phase: Pay A Visit In December 2022, also known as Harry, Nat and Bernie’s in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex area, is finally preparing for the grand opening of their first retail store outlet in Plano, Texas.

HNB’s goal has always been to bring their customers the very best in ingredients, flavors and products (whether they make it for themselves or find others that make it better).

With the build-out, HNB will be adding an expanded chocolate line, freshly made pastries, the final release of the much anticipated cookies, and, of course, HNB’s extensive line of food products!

Coffee and tea tastings are scheduled several evenings a month and a chocolate/wine pairing event is planned for later this year.

Robert Whitehead, President of HNB Gourmet (web and retail businesses), sees the opening of the retail store location as “the next inevitable step” in the evolution of the product line.

Chef Heidi Arndt, while tag teaming between her duties as CEO and Executive Chef of HNB’s businesses, says that she can’t wait to “bring smiles to people” as they enter the newest HNB venture.

Although contractors remain optimist that HNB Gourmet will open its doors by November 1st, it appears that the actual date of opening will be in December, 2022.

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