Father’s Day 2021: How To Make Dad Feel Special

I remember past Father’s Day celebrations well. Mom would buy dad something he asked for while us kids would use his money (our allowance) to buy him something I am positive he not only didn’t want, but didn’t need as well. Sure, I know…it’s the thought that counts.

Unfortunately, the only thought I have about those particular days centers around the astonishment I have that dad could keep a straight face after opening our gifts, much less offer up a gracious “thank you” as he always did.

I remember one year in particular I bought dad a pen. Not an executive pen, mind you, but a ball point pen. It was made of plastic and proudly displayed the “Bic” label in bold blue letters.

I was too young to know we had several of them in a desk drawer, and for all dad knew, that’s probably where I obtained it. The following years brought a multitude of neckties, socks or wallets, only to change to neckties, socks and wallets when I got my first real job.

Nothing says “thanks for being the world’s greatest dad” like a pile of mundane gifts, with the possible exception of a “worlds greatest dad” t-shirt, which I also purchased for him one year. Yes, my track record on Father’s Day is nothing short of abysmal, although this year I plan to remedy that situation.

I’ve decided to buy dad a Father’s Day gift basket. I haven’t settled on which type of gift basket to buy, but I’m hedging my bets that no matter what I choose, dad will get something he enjoys. There are gift baskets with gourmet foods, chocolates, wines…you name it.

The last time I checked, all of the aforementioned are high on dad’s list of the good things in life, so I think this year I will finally come through for the old man.

Hey, maybe I will get him an executive gift basket this year, complete with a real pen set worthy of a high level executive. Then again, he does still have that drawer full of Bics…

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