Cozy And Romantic Valentine’s Dinner 2021: Craft A Night That’ll Knock His Socks Off

A few years ago I wanted to do something really special for my husband on Valentine’s Day.

I didn’t want anything in return, only that the evening was fun and enjoyable, and that was how it turned out.

The look on my Valentine’s face when he came home for dinner was priceless and shall remain with me forever. I’d never seen his eyes or smile so wide!

I’d like to share this special Valentine’s Dinner with you now, it had the effect I wanted including an evening filled with laughter and great conversation.

What you’ll need:

  • A white table cloth
  • Approximately 20 silver balloons
    Silver ribbon for the balloons
  • Selection of white candles of differing shapes and sizes (unscented)
  • Several sheets of red cardboard (thin enough to cut)
  • Blu-Tack or other safe, removal adhesive
  • White platter for prawns (substitute if you prefer something else)
  • Small white plates
  • Ice and lemons for prawn platter
  • Two servings of French Fries
  • Seafood sauce for dipping
  • Bowl for prawn shells
  • Finger bowl with lemon slices (to wash fingers when peeling prawns)
  • Red paper napkins
  • Forks
  • Small Gold Stars
  • Ornamental opaque glass pebbles
  • Small posy of flowers (in case he forgets)
  • Small vase
  • Aromatherapy oil burner
  • Aphrodisiac essential oils of rose, jasmine and mandarin
  • Cool, sensual music (soul music is great)

Setting the mood and table

  1. Blow up all balloons, tie with silver ribbon around chairs, ceiling, anywhere in the area you’ll be dining.
  2. Cut out as many love hearts as possible from the red cardboard and stick with Blu-Tack (or other safe adhesive ? read instructions first) wherever you can and where you can easily removable it.
  3. To set the mood place water in your aromatherapy oil burner and add some aphrodisiac essential oils; add 3 drops rose; 3 drops jasmine; and 5 drops mandarin. Light the tea light candle approximately 30 minutes before arrival.
  4. Put tablecloth on table.
  5. Using panache strategically group some candles together at one end of table.
  6. Always use caution with lit candles – never leave the room unattended when burning candles, this applies to aromatherapy oil burners.
  7. Strategically place the remaining candles around the room. (I loathe being a killjoy but please ensure candles are not close to any flammable objects)
  8. Position large white platter in center of table; shell bowl next to platter then finger bowl with lemon slices.
  9. Place red napkins and fork on top of smaller plates and positioned where you’ll be sitting.
  10. Bring out vase and flowers.
  11. Place opaque glass pebbles around candle display on table and several around white prawn platter.
  12. Sprinkle a small amount of gold stars on table for effect.

His gift:

  • A selection of fine chocolates
  • Bottle of red wine
  • 2 red wine glasses
  • Red ribbon
  • Valentine’s Day Card
  1. Tie the two red wine glasses stem up, with red ribbon to the top of the wine bottle and place with Valentine’s card on table.
  2. Scatter chocolates on table
  3. Just before he arrives:
    – Light candles
    – Check aromatherapy oil burner
    – Place prawns on platter as well as some ice and lemon wedges
    – Place seafood sauce on table
    – Have French fries almost ready to serve and waiting in the oven
    – Turn on the music and program to repeat
    – Take off apron
    – Take a few deep breaths and reeellllaaaxxxxx
  4. If this doesn’t impress him, he may be asleep, unconscious or he’s finding a reference point of what is before him! Here’s to an evening filled with laughter, fun, and romance!

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