Christmas In The Caribbean – Travelling Guide 2022: Weather, Cuisine & Places To Visit

From the first of the year until the last day of the year, the average temperature in the tropical islands of the Caribbean is above 75 degrees. This means that the weather is warm and pleasant during the holiday season. The rainy season in the Caribbean typically runs from late March to May, so Christmas is a pleasant time to visit because it is well after that period and well before the dry season begins. In comparison to the searing heat of the summer months, the temperature in the Caribbean during the holiday season tends to be more bearable and pleasant, making it an ideal time to visit.

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The Strenuous Work Done By Many Families

During the holiday season, residents of the Caribbean region partake in a wide variety of activities, many of which center around spending time with family and friends, celebrating, and exchanging gifts. Families do, on the other hand, frequently reside in fairly close proximity to one another. However, the fact that getting together for Christmas typically entails extensive and laborious preparations that are not done at any other time of the year is what gives it its unique and unforgettable quality.

During the two or three weeks leading up to Christmas Day, a thorough cleaning is performed in many people’s homes. Every piece of furniture is moved, and there is a possibility that it will even be rearrange, and then brand-new and ornate curtains are hung for the season. In addition, the finest bed linens, tablecloths, cutlery, and dinnerware are utilized whenever possible in order to impress any guests who may come to visit during the season. During the season, it is not uncommon for people to stop by for brief visits. This includes residents of the surrounding area.

Foods to Savour During the Holiday Season

Guests are kept amused during those visits with a variety of delectable foods and beverages, many of which are prepared nowhere else but during the holiday season. These include fermented beverages like sorrel and mauby, as well as rum punch, which is an alcoholic beverage. In addition, a festive version of a cake known as black cake or fruitcake is typically baked around this time of year. It is prepared with raisins and various other types of dried fruit, which are then ground up and soaked for a few weeks in wine.

This cake is the dessert that is traditionally served after the Christmas meal. The main courses of a traditional Christmas dinner in the Caribbean are baked poultry, roast beef ham, boiled and steamed root vegetables, rice with peas, seasoned rice, or rice pilaf, and the beverages served are sorrel, rum punch, or mauby.


Caroling has also been a tradition for a long time, although the number of people who do it nowadays has been decreasing. Small groups from churches or schools will drive from house to house to sing Christmas carols in neighborhoods, primarily in rural areas where houses are not always found in close proximity to one another. Additionally, these groups will sing Christmas carols while walking through neighborhoods and singing Christmas carols.


The practice of Jonkonoo and the custom of holding a large market on Christmas Day are two Caribbean customs that are not found anywhere else in the world. A group of revelers wearing masks and taking part in a parade while dancing to the beats of drums, shaking tambourines, and playing improvised instruments is referred to as Junkanoo. The group also includes people who walk on stilts and appear to be as tall as some trees and buildings with only one story. Jonkonoos engage in a variety of comedic shenanigans in order to entertain onlookers and, more specifically, younger children who may appear to be afraid of any of the Jonkonoo participants. In addition, they hand out candies and other treats to the children in attendance.

Grand Market

The grand market is a large open-air market that begins one week before Christmas and continues through the evening of Christmas Eve. In the Caribbean, it is common to find open-air markets located in the middle of the towns that make up the region. These markets are a place to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, and other products that are grown by local farmers. However, during the Christmas season, they also become filled with a variety of items that can be given as gifts, and they continue to be bustling with activity even after nightfall has fallen. During the holiday season, going to the Grand Market with one’s parents can be a very exciting and memorable experience for children.

As Christmas takes place in the Caribbean during the height of the high winter tourist season, the holiday also serves as an opportunity for a large number of schoolchildren to put on performances for tourists. A great number of hotels make use of the fact that the vast majority of schools and churches will have singing and dramatic groups that will perform the Christmas story as well as sing carols and Christmas songs. During the holiday season, these groups are frequently asked to provide entertainment for guests at hotels and guesthouses in the area.

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