Christmas Eve: Why And How Do People Celebrate The Day Before Santa’s Arrival? 2022

The day before Christmas is one that is typically characterized by feelings that are a combination of anxiety and anticipation. There is apprehension regarding the implementation of all the last-minute plans and finishing touches on the decorations, as well as the completion of all the essential shopping. There is also a great deal of excitement regarding all of the merriment and adventure that will take place on Christmas day. When children are thinking about the Christmas presents they are hoping to receive the following day, they typically find it difficult to maintain control of themselves. It’s possible that they’ll stay up all night in an effort to catch Santa Claus, or it’s also possible that they’ll just be too excited to sleep.

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Christmas Eve is also significant for another reason: according to an old tradition, and even in some cultures in modern times, the beginning of a holiday or other day that is celebrated officially begins at sundown on the day before the actual day that is celebrated. This is the case with Christmas Eve. Because of this, the celebrations and rituals that are associated with Christmas Day will actually start on Christmas Eve.


However, one of the most important aspects of Christmas Eve is connected to religious practices and traditions. For many people whose religion is Christianity, it is a requirement to attend Midnight Mass as well as other church services earlier in the day. This holds true even for individuals who don’t typically attend worship services throughout the course of the year. The fact that these church services draw such large crowds to their locations is compelling evidence of the significance of what is being offered. Many churches will also hold an additional service earlier in the evening to accommodate the larger-than-usual attendance, as well as for individuals, such as the elderly, who would prefer a service that occurs earlier than Midnight Mass. This is to accommodate individuals who would prefer a service that occurs earlier than Midnight Mass.

Operations in Retail Stores

The activities that take place in retail establishments are also an important part of the Christmas Eve celebrations. The day before Christmas, businesses make one last-ditch effort to move Christmas and other merchandise off shelves and into customers’ carts. Last-minute shoppers who are running out of time to get their Christmas shopping done and other impulse buyers are frequently targeted by advertisements for special promotions. This final effort is also geared toward boosting holiday sales in preparation for the holiday season. There will be some stores that stay open late, some of which will even be open until midnight or just before midnight. On the evening of Christmas Eve in 1867, the Macy’s department store in New York City, which at the time was advertising itself as the largest department store in the world, remained open until the stroke of midnight for the first time. Christmas Eve marks the end of the busiest shopping season of the year for retailers, which began the day after Thanksgiving and continues until Christmas Eve.


The customs that are associated with Christmas Eve are another reason why this day is so significant. It is the night when parents are expected to take on the role of Santa Claus by secretly placing toys and other Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree, much to the utter delight and pleasant surprise of their children who wake up on Christmas morning to find the presents there. A poem that is attributed to Clement Clarke Moore helped popularize the concept that on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus will come down chimneys in order to leave gifts for children who have been good throughout the year. Moore wrote a poem in 1822 titled ‘An Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas,’ which is now more commonly known as ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.’ In the poem, Moore described Santa Claus as ‘a right jolly old elf,’ who traveled from house to house in a sleigh pulled by reindeer while flying through the air to deliver Christmas presents to all of the children who had been good throughout the year. The children who received gifts from Santa Claus were those who


The preparation of the Christmas Day meal, which plays a significant part in the holiday’s overall atmosphere and atmosphere of celebration, typically begins on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, puddings and pies are baked, along with a fresh batch of gingerbread and other cookies and treats. Traditionally, poultry and other types of meat are prepared by marinating them in a mixture of different herbs and spices for a period of time before cooking them. The aromas and bustle of activity associated with all of these preparations contribute, as well, to the fact that Christmas Eve itself is a day that will be remembered fondly.

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