Best Weekender Bag 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

You are going to need a bag that can transport your belongings to the location that you are going, regardless of whether you are going to Las Vegas with your friends or staying with your Significant Other’s parents for the first time. Your ticket to two days of fun in the sun, craps at the Casino, or long, intense silences with the dad – he knows what you two have been doing, and he despises it with all of his being. The Weekender Bag is your ticket. This little bag of tricks is going to get you through the other side and back to the Monday grind with your cellphone, passport, keys, and clothes still on your debauched person. It will also get you through the other side of the situation. These bags, which range from duffels to totes, are the epitome of weekend warrior carry-on style in the year 2022.

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✅ Best Weekender Bag

 High hopes after seeing the glowing reviews and glossy photos. I was not disappointed! – The workmanship seems top rate, the bag neither flimsy nor heavy as with thick cowhide. It’s got a nice sheen to it but not too shiny like I’m some dandy. Has the perfect balance between rugged casual elegance, and refined, clean lines and style.

Everlane Twill WeekenderTwillCheck Price
Douchebags AffairEVACheck Price
Sweetbriar Classic Duffel Duffle BagFaux LeatherCheck Price
Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffel BagCanvasCheck Price
BLUBOON Overnight Bag Canvas Genuine LeatherGenuine LeatherCheck Price
BAOSHA Oversized Canvas PU Leather Travel ToteMilitary DesignCheck Price
Toupons 20.8” Large Canvas Travel Tote 
CanvasCheck Price
Aidonger Unisex Canvas Travel BagLeather PouchCheck Price
Haular Overnight Travel Carry OnFaux LeatherCheck Price
Berchirly 21″ Large Canvas Leather Travel BagCanvasCheck Price

Everlane Twill Weekender

You can get wherever it is you want to go while still looking good with this Everlane bag that has a design that is understated and sophisticated. This timeless duffel bag is available in a wide variety of colors, ranging from jet black to navy to asphalt to mustard, and is going to be your go-to option for carrying your gym clothes, belongings for an overnight stay, or even a day at the beach. The fact that it is constructed out of twill that is water resistant means that it will be able to withstand inclement weather as well as impromptu trips on boats, and the fact that it has leather handles makes it robust enough to carry any load. Even though the design of the bag isn’t necessarily revolutionary, it does have a few surprises up its sleeve for the obsessive-compulsive person in you.

The main compartment is roomy and secure, with a floor that is well-constructed and supported by gunmetal feet rivets located on the exterior. There is a document or toiletry pouch located inside the bag to keep all of your smaller essentials in a separate location from your clothing and footwear. An exterior pocket provides you with easy access to your wallet or smart phone, both of which you really don’t need to have in your pockets while going through airport security. How many times have I forgotten some last-minute addition in one of those ridiculous TSA bins? Far too many.

It also comes with a shoulder drop so you never have to use those beautiful leather handles if you don’t wish to. This is also going to save you a hand when you need it most. The problems that I have with this bag are not related to its construction or the materials that were used to make it – quite the contrary, in fact, as everything on this bag is expertly manufactured using high-quality materials – but rather, my complaints are more general in nature. This is a simple bag with a simple design. Because it only has one compartment, just like other duffel bags with only one compartment, everything will have to fit into the same area. Everything from your shoes to your dirty laundry to some bottles of Jack Daniel’s in the size of a minibar will be thrown in there with your clean clothes. There is also the problem of the absence of side support, which may or may not cause your belongings to sag into the middle of the bag, causing them to become creased or crushed when the bag is placed in a confined space such as an overhead compartment.


  • Classic design with numerous color options
  • Made well and with good materials
  • Leather handles are made with actual leather


  • A single compartment without a lot of organizational options
  • An expensive price tag for what is at its core a duffel bag, can only be purchased from Everlane
  • Lack of side support is going to leave your belongings smashed if placed in a packed overhead compartment

Douchebags Affair

This cheeky bag walks that delectable line between being understated and being seductive. Since its originator, Douche Bags, gave it the name “the Affair,” it won’t take you long to figure out what they had in mind. But this is not the bag you take to a seedy motel on the outskirts of town to meet up with your oddly alluring dry cleaner so that you can compete for ten minutes to see who has the most frustration bottled up inside. Rather, this is the bag you are going to want to pack before heading off to do some “business” in Soho or Las Vegas, which I like to refer to as Lost Wages. There, you may or may not lock eyes with an elegant enigma who is looking for something more out of their night. This jet black polyester bag is the key to preparing for your illicit weekend rendezvous. It has plenty of room for evening wear, lingerie, toys, and possibly even some leather accouterments.

This song is a perfect example of how Douchebags has spared no expense in its production. While the adjustable straps on the bag allow you to increase its carrying capacity, an EVA protective shell will ensure that all of your fragile or finicky items make it to their destination unscathed and unscathed. This is an important characteristic of a compact bag, and it is not one that should be disregarded in any way. However, the other side of that coin is equally as significant. If you pull the straps of your bag closer together, you will be able to store its contents in a more compact manner, which will not only save you space but also protect those items from being jostled around, wrinkled, or broken. It is not only unsightly but also a risky move to carry around a bag that has a lot of loose material and space that is not being used. You can make this duffel bag twice as large by adjusting the two buckles at the top, or you can make it into a more manageable and secure carrying case by reducing its size.

You don’t need to worry about having the word “Douchebags” printed in capital letters in a fiery red color across the front of your bag because that won’t happen. Because the designers were concerned about alienating a large portion of the population, they decided to only use the letters “Db” to identify the product’s manufacturer. Some people will immediately recognize who made that bag for you, and the two of you will exchange a knowing wink while laughing at an inside joke. Who could say? It’s entirely possible that this is how your naughty little getaway gets off the ground.


  • Adjustable straps let you hold more or batten down the hatches on less
  • Padded EVA protective shell is going to keep your belongings safe inside
  • A stowaway adjustable shoulder strap


  • Comes in only one color: jet black
  • The most expensive bag on the list, this can only be purchased from Douchebags online store
  • There may be a slight social stigma to toting around a Douchebag

Sweetbriar Classic Duffel Duffle Bag

This particular travel duffel bag in the style of a vintage suitcase can be purchased for the very reasonable price of $39.95. Sweetbriar has created a nearly identical duffel bag at a lower price than the Herschel Novel Duffel, which was clearly an inspiration for the company. This sexy thing is both functional and fashionable because it comes with a shoe compartment that can be accessed from the side, a removable shoulder strap, and over the top faux leather handles.

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Best Sweetbriar Classic Duffel Duffle Bag

Worth the price! – love this bag. It’s a simple, straight-forward construction. A spacious interior with an small zippered pocket inside. On the outside there’s a pocket at the bottom that’s made for shoes. It works for weekend overnight trips. It is a pretty decent size.

This is not a backpack that you should cram full of gear and take with you into the great outdoors; rather, what you are getting is a bag designed for easy living. Be wary of its capabilities, despite the fact that it gives off the impression of being significantly more expensive than it actually is. But let’s focus on the positive aspects for a moment shall we? It’s a gorgeous bag that scores very high on the style points scale. There is plenty of space in the shoe compartment; in fact, you could fit two pairs of shoes there if you were organized about it. In point of fact, the entirety of this bag is extremely spacious. There is plenty of room for your swimsuit in addition to the three to four days’ worth of clothing that you can easily fit in this bag. The interior lining is a nice touch because it prevents your clothing from coming into contact with the exterior canvas, which, if not handled properly, could become muddy or wet.

Due to the fact that it has a few glaring flaws, the amount of use that you can get out of this bag is going to be highly variable. It only has one interior pocket, which can be used to store your electronics or toiletries; however, because it does not have any other pockets, you will need to store the rest of your personal belongings in the same compartment as your clothing. This means that your keys, passport, travel documents, and phone charger are jumbling around in the same bag as your underwear and socks, and they are highly likely to go missing right when you need them the most. The straps are made of faux leather, which isn’t entirely reliable, and the canvas itself isn’t particularly durable. The zippers on it are also not up to snuff because they have a small gauge and are delicate; as a result, you are going to run into some issues with either the zippers breaking or water getting into the bag because they are not water-proof. Be wary of yanking and places that are prone to rain. In all seriousness, try not to pull.


  • Includes a removable and adjustable padded shoulder strap for those long walks through the terminal or train station
  • A separate side access shoe compartment to keep those dirty sneakers away from your threads.
  • Stylish and reasonably priced at $39.95


  • The small gauge zipper is delicate and out of place on this sturdy canvas carryall.
  • The leather straps are prone to ripping under heavy use
  • Made of low-quality nylon that will wear and stain easily
  • Comes in only one color: gray

Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffel Bag

Herschel is recognized all over the world for producing high-quality goods, and they stand behind their products with a limited lifetime warranty. There is a wide variety of color and pattern combinations available for this stunning bag, ranging from soft petal colors to camouflage patterns inspired by the woods. It is extremely difficult to find a combination that does not look extremely seductive. This duffel bag is tailor-made for the time-conscious traveler, as evidenced by the dedicated space for shoes on the exterior as well as the detachable shoulder strap.

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Best Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffel Bag

Good for a weekend. Love the shoe compartment. – Absolutely love the Herschel company but always thought they were so expensive, well ended up needing a decent sized bag for a trip over the summer and this was the perfect choice. Very impressed with the sturdiness of the handles and zippers, it is definitely not like a cheap one you can just grab from a basic store.

This particular duffel bag serves as the benchmark against which all other bags of this type are evaluated. You are sure to look good in it thanks to the high-quality canvas body as well as the classic striped lining, both of which are always elegant. Other great features include a comfortable pad on the shoulder strap, an excellent internal structure that ensures your belongings stay where you put them and do not sag to the middle, as well as both an internal and an external pocket that allows you to keep your toiletries, electronics, and travel documents separate from your clothing.

On the other hand, it appears that Herschel prioritized aesthetics over functionality when designing this duffel. Because of the delicate plastic strap clips, the weak stitching around the handles, and the small gauge, delicate zippers, you very well may have to give them a call at some point in the future to make use of the famous warranty that comes with it. However, just because it comes with that warranty does not mean that you should ever have to use it. If you’re going to pay more than eighty dollars for this bad boy, you might as well just set it on fire and walk away. The use of plastic should immediately raise a red flag. On no respectable or heavy-duty duffel bag should you find plastic of any kind. Herschel, you better spring for the theft.


  • Elegant and stylish bag coming in a variety of colors and schemes
  • A removable shoulder strap will let you keep both hands free
  • Perfect carry-on size
  • A Limited Lifetime Warranty, so in the event of a breakdown Herschel will reimburse you


  • Delicate straps and zippers are prone to breaking after moderate use
  • Plastic strap clips are easily broken
  • Fake leather doesn’t stand up to long-term use
  • Overpriced at $84.99, you’re paying a lot for that Herschel badge

BLUBOON Overnight Bag Canvas Genuine Leather

This particular peach combines practicality and elegance in its design. This overnight bag is going to be aesthetically pleasing and will help you stay active thanks to its sturdy body made of canvas and its vintage leather exterior. You have a few options to select from, including gray, coffee, and army green, all of which are dark colors. Additionally, there are nine pockets located both inside and outside of the bag. Nine! You no longer have to waste time searching for the things that are essential because you have almost too many options for organization.

This Bluboon bag is strong and all set for its next adventure. Because the zippers are large, waterproofed, and equipped with thick leather pulls, it is highly unlikely that they will become stuck. The straps have been strengthened with stitched leather holds, and the detachable shoulder strap has metal clasps to secure it. This bag practically screams dependability from every angle. You don’t have to worry that the handles are going to rip off if you happen to pack your bowling ball, and you won’t need to pull out those pliers to get that zipper from point A to point B. Both of those things are taken care of for you by the bag’s sturdy construction.

However, it turns out that this bag is on the smaller side than I had anticipated. Despite the fact that there is a photo on Amazon that shows a man carrying it on his shoulder and it appears to be large enough to bring nearly a week’s worth of clothes, this little guy is going to have enough trouble carrying just two days’ worth of belongings. There is also the not insignificant issue of there being no support for it. You are looking at a bag that, unless it is completely filled to capacity, will eventually develop a sagging effect on both the sides and the bottom. This is unquestionably going to result in some frowning and, as a consequence, some annoyance.


  • High-quality canvas body with genuine leather decoration
  • Nine pockets inside and outside the bag for easy access to travel documents and identification or safekeeping for small toiletries and electronics
  • Waterproof, heavy-gauge zippers


  • No support means this bag will sag unless completely full and the bag’s contents will shift to the center.
  • Smaller than you would expect, might not serve your needs for the full weekend
  • Maybe a bit overpriced for a canvas bag with some leather trim

BAOSHA Oversized Canvas PU Leather Travel Tote

This Baosha bag is a more affordable clone of a Berchirly bag that will be featured further down this list; however, this does not mean that it lacks in quality or personality. This duffel bag is an absolute steal at just under $40 because it features an iconic military design in addition to an impressive amount of storage space. Carrying this guy around will make you look good because it comes in four different colors: black, blue, army green, and grey. It reeks of someone who has traveled extensively.

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Best BAOSHA Oversized Canvas PU Leather Travel Tote

Good quality bag, looks expensive. – This a great sized weekend bag – a lot of weekend bags tend to be smaller and better for an overnight trip – if you are looking for something that will be good to pack all your stuff for a 2 night weekend trip and want to avoid a traditional duffel bag or larger suitcase – this is a great bag to consider.

It has a sturdy construction, consisting of heavy-duty canvas that has been strengthened with bi-cast leather lining and handles. Even the zippers on this bad boy have a heavy gauge, and the pulls are made of leather. However, the most notable feature of this bag is unquestionably its capaciousness. If you pack this thing correctly, you won’t just be able to make it through the weekend; you’ll be able to last almost an entire week. In that case, the canvas shoulder strap is going to be pretty essential to your comfort, even though it does not have a strap pad, which very well may lead to some discomfort over the course of a long carry. In spite of this, the canvas shoulder strap is going to be pretty essential to your comfort.

This bag has a few minor structural flaws, such as the fact that it has a tendency to collapse on its owner due to the nature of its construction and that it can sag if it is not packed correctly. This is yet another minor nightmare for the person who is obsessed with packing. When you finally get a chance to open this thing, you’re going to find that everything has been thrown together in the middle of the bag rather than where you so carefully arranged it. When it comes to achieving peace of mind, which is difficult to quantify in monetary terms, a little bit of structure can go a long way.


  • An excellent deal at $39.99
  • Bi-cast leather handles and zipper linings that hold up like the real thing
  • Sturdy canvas shoulder strap
  • A Lifetime Warranty: 100% cashback for your damaged bag. That’s pretty legit.


  • Bi-cast leather can be a bit shiny and look fake, not many people are going to notice but it’s really about you knowing and caring
  • Structural problems that cause sagging when not packed to the rafters. This is going to lead to wrinkled clothes

Toupons 20.8” Large Canvas Travel Tote

This multi-pocketed tote bag is ideal for keeping all of your travel necessities in order and at the ready to use whenever you need them. The canvas has a nice appearance and is resistant to wear and tear; in addition, the handles, which are also made of canvas, are built to last. Because it is available in black, blue, coffee, grey, and khaki, you will be able to find the color that best suits you.

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Best Toupons 20.8” Large Canvas Travel Tote

Looks great. Good size when it’s extended – Even the sturdiest duffel bag can only aspire to be sturdy. It looks upon other types of bags with wonder, hope and sometimes jealousy at their superior sturdiness, Looks great. Good size when it’s extended.
Same height and length as most roller boards. Smaller width that roller board.

The fact that this bag can be expanded is a significant advantage that it offers. Simply by unzipping the sides, you have created additional space for yourself that is well worth the investment of your time. During the holiday season, did your generous mother-in-law give you a present as a pleasant surprise? What do you think? You can now take it with you when you go home. It depends on what it is, but hooray either way! You are going to be able to fit a lot of things in this bag, in addition to that hopefully magnificent trinket that you have. Have I mentioned all of the pockets to you yet? It’s possible that I mentioned something earlier in relation to it. You’ve just been saddled with a bunch of pointless Yuletide knickknacks and doo-daws; luckily, you have three exterior pockets to store them all in.

In spite of all of that, the fact that this bag is expandable and has pockets does not make up for the fact that it is not a very large bag. It might be difficult to fit more than a couple of days’ worth of clothes in there. There have also been problems with the stitching coming undone and the fabric tearing. There should be some level of expectation of a comparable level of quality when purchasing a bag for such a low price; however, this really isn’t a consistent or common problem with these bags.


  • Many pockets to keep all your documents, toiletries, and electronics organized and ready to use
  • Expandable, so you’re getting a bit more room than you thought you would.
  • Heavy-duty zippers with canvas pull make packing this thing tight less of a hassle
  • Very affordable


  • A smaller bag that might not get you as far as you want to go
  • Stitching is unreliable in some cases

Aidonger Unisex Canvas Travel Bag

This is Aidonger’s take on the Toupons Tote, and boy howdy, it hits in the same weight class as its inspiration. It has pockets, and the sides can expand to make it larger. It comes with a shoulder strap that can be adjusted and has a sliding pad. It even has the cotton lining and is available in the same colors as the original. Therefore, what is the key distinction between the two? This one, on the other hand, costs a few dollars more and — drum roll, please — is available in not one but two distinct patterns.

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Best Aidonger Unisex Canvas Travel Bag

Stylish and Serviceable Good Quality Duffel Travel Bag with Leather Accents – This Aidonger Canvas and Leather Travel Bag more than met my expectations both in quality, serviceability, and style. The overall main duffel is made of heavy canvas. The accents and the handles are made of supple brown leather. he handles are thick and the leather is smooth. They are held together by a leather handle wrap that secures the two handles together with a snap button.

In the alternative design, the front zip pocket has been replaced with a leather pouch that has a more stylishly rustic appearance. This pattern is one of my favorites because it gives an item that might otherwise be considered rather ordinary a great deal of personality. It amazes me how the addition of just a little bit of leather can transform a bag from “Okay” to “Oh my God!” It lends it an air of yesteryear, retrocool, and intrepid exploration, which will cause your fellow travelers to take a second glance and possibly feel a twinge of envy. You are getting a lot of bang for your buck in terms of fashion with this slight modification to the design, which costs an additional three dollars.

This bag’s issues are comparable to those that were experienced with the Toupons bag. Because it is a smaller bag than you were anticipating, you will not be able to pack enough items in this one for more than two or three days of travel at the most. This tote won’t get you very far, even with its expandable sides, but the fact that it has those sides is still a nice feature to have. There is a possibility that the stitching or the zippers will give you trouble, but this will depend on the bag that you purchase. In situations like these, a lot depends on your luck at the draw.


  • A 1-Year Warranty with a 100% satisfaction guarantee really goes a long way to giving you peace of mind. Until that year is over. Then you’re screwed.
  • Straps are reinforced with rivets
  • Alternate design kicks ass


  • Unreliable strap stitching
  • Suffers a similar size problem to the Coupons bag above, exclusively a two-day weekend bag
  • Zippers can come off their tracks
  • Not waterproof so keep it out of the rain

Haular Overnight Travel Carry On

You’ve narrowed your search for an overnight bag down to this sophisticated number fashioned from faux leather. It is flawless in terms of design, especially in terms of its overall style and sophistication. What initially appears to be a bag with a single compartment actually has seven different pockets and compartments, making it simple to keep your valuables organized and giving you quick access to them whenever you need them. The interior features a striped pattern in a playful green color that provides a wonderful contrast to the serious exterior made of black leather. Brass lettering that is both understated and distinguished can be found across the entire front of the bag bearing the brand name “Haular.”

This is the style of bag that you might see slung over the shoulder of an up-and-coming business person or clutched in the manicured paws of the rich and famous. You never know who might be carrying it! The bag’s surprising light weight enables you to carry even the heaviest of items, while the straps’ expandability enables you to carry significantly more than you ever would have thought possible.

However, this is not an advertisement for Haular’s bag in any way. This item has a significant issue, and unfortunately, it is with the zipper once again. The zipper gets stuck, it snaps, and its stitching comes apart. This is a terrible mistake that no jet setter should ever make. If your bag’s zipper isn’t reliable, then the entire bag isn’t reliable, which puts all of your belongings in jeopardy. The fact that the company will, in the vast majority of instances, make an offer to compensate you for the damage is helpful; however, the fundamental issue is what gets to me the most. There is nothing more annoying than having to return an online purchase a few days after you’ve received it. Nothing quite so aggravating as having to compose a strongly worded email to a company that you know will appease you right away but will never feel your pain. Because of the bag’s relatively high price, you probably anticipate it to be of higher quality.


  • Faux leather body and handles with brass accents and rivets give this a classy and sophisticated look
  • A large compartment that holds quite a lot
  • Comes with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Water-resistant
  • Seven interior compartments and pockets give you a lot of organizational options


  • Not real leather. Some people will notice, most won’t. Depends on your crowd.
  • Zipper issues up the wazoo. If you have this problem contact the company and they will help you out

Berchirly 21″ Large Canvas Leather Travel Bag

You are fortunate to be looking at this bag again because you have seen it in the past. It has a timeless quality. Quite lovely. Not to mention a very reasonable price. But I will admit that I have a bias. My top pick out of all of these bags is the one that comes in a coffee color; in addition to gray, khaki, and army green, it also comes in a coffee color. Everything about it, from the rivets made of metal to the leather details, yells at me to get off my couch and discover something fresh. somewhere that I’ve never been before, where the sands of a desert shift as hot winds blow through them or where pitted stone walls open up onto alleyways made of cobblestone. There is the opportunity to explore and look around here. A possible outcome that is difficult to describe in words.

The body of the bag is constructed from a sturdy canvas that will not fall apart on you unexpectedly. The interior lining is charmingly utilitarian and features two internal pockets in addition to two compartments that are secured with zips. In addition, the front of the bag features two zipped pockets where you can store items such as your passport. The main compartment is very large, and based on its dimensions, it ought to be capable of accommodating personal effects for journeys lasting up to three or four days.

The issues that have been reported with this bag are extremely infrequent. Shoulder straps made of light brown canvas are included with this bag. It is possible that these straps do not match the rest of the bag. This might make you look a little ridiculous, and if you care about your appearance at all, it might be the end of your fashion career. The bag, it must be said, has a military appearance to it, which may give the impression that it is out of place on a luxury vacation or a business trip.


  • Genuine leather straps and details
  • A beautifully made bag at a beautiful price
  • Sturdy canvas body that won’t break down
  • Metal rivets to provide support to straps


  • The canvas shoulder strap comes in one color: light brown. So be wary that it might not match your choice of bag
  • Lack of support may cause wrinkling or crushing when placed in packed overhead compartments

And there you have them, from Douchebags to Travel totes, from faux leather to the true cow’s hide, these are 2022’s murderer’s row of Weekender bags. Now it’s all up to you. Pick your poison, pack it up and get ready to spend those Saturdays and Sundays jet-setting around the globe or just staring pleadingly into your Significant Other’s eyes as their parents ask pointed questions about all those much more successful and better-looking exes they used to date. Have fun!

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