Best Reading List During Quarantine: Greatest Books To Kill Time In This Pandemic Situation 2022

Since I purchased a Kindle Paperwhite the previous year, it seems like I always have a long number of books on both my Currently Reading list and my To Read list. I’m frugal, so I borrow books from the library or get them for free from online retailers like Amazon.

Rating System

*Absolute Garbage


***Worth The Read

****Very Good

*****Loved It

As some of you are aware, as of late I’ve been reading a lot of literature about zombies and post-apocalyptic settings, and I have just discovered a fantastic zombie series. You can still download the first book for free, so there is no cost associated with giving it a go. Solid *

To tell you the truth, I adored both of these works. It’s a book series that I really wish I hadn’t read yet so that I could go back and start from the beginning and experience it all over again.

And before the notion of all those undead causes your vision to blur, you should realise that zombie tales are not actually about the zombies themselves despite the fact that they include zombies. The zombies are only the backdrop for the plot, which focuses on the connections and occurrences between the characters.

In addition to that, I’ve been reviewing some useful blogging strategies. Both of them were ***.

By the way, How To Make Money Blogging is currently FREE on Amazon. Neither of these books is amazing, but they each have some useful tips to glean.

What have YOU been reading, lately?

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