Best Online Shop For Fresh Seafood 2022: Buy Shrimp For Tonight’s Dinner

Are you looking for places to buy shrimp online? They’re not so easy to find. That’s what we’re here for. We’ve done all the hard work for you and researched which online stores sell the best and reasonably priced shrimp. If you’re a seafood lover or buying for a friend or loved one, it’s never been easier to get shrimp on the internet than now. You also have a nice variety of sizes to choose from.

Of course, merchants lean towards selling the larger shrimps, but you can usually find 31-40/lb count and as big as 16-20/lb.
Due to freshness concerns, most companies will ship your shrimp frozen in special containers to make sure you receive the highest quality shrimp possible.

Something else to consider ? the shrimp you’re buying may not be from the U.S. This poses no risks at all, but if you’re expecting Cape Cod or Pacific shrimp, you may not be getting it. Not all merchants will tell you where the shrimp comes from, but unless you’re extremely picky, just enjoy it!

Of course, we must talk about price. Now, because prices can fluctuate at different times of year, I won’t be specific. What I can tell you is having priced shrimp at the grocery store (and who knows how old it is!) and the shrimp I’ve found online, the prices are not only comparable, but in many cases much cheaper than in brick and mortar stores.

Shipping is always a factor, but many merchants have free shipping specials or price levels. Visit our Meat & Seafood page (, shop around and try and find the best deal. Just make sure you’ve eaten a big meal first ? you’re likely to buy out the store otherwise!

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