Best Eerie Rooms Of 2022: Beyond The Myths

This blog is updated in 2022

If you have been keeping up with us over the past few months, you are aware that our team is fully committed to the trend of wearing all black clothing and accessories. It conjures up images and thoughts. It is bold enough to make a statement, and when combined with some of the creepy accessories that you will see further down the page, it makes for a fantastic background for some seriously spooky settings. In order to demonstrate that creating the ideal spooky atmosphere does not always require the use of traditional Halloween decorations like jack-o’-lanterns, full moons, and witches, we have gathered some of our most ominous and unsettling homes. –Garrett

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✅ Best Coffin Shelf

Its tiny but so cute – It is the cutest little thing for display. Easy installation just needed a screw . Just needs a good wipe down from the dust on it when it comes in the package, other than that its ready to go.

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✅ Best Halloween Creepy Cloth

Cobwebs – Oh these are the best ever.. bought black first.. and then more black than white.. looks so great. Excellent cheese cloth for Halloween decoration.

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✅ Best Moon Boat

Easy & effective – Inexpensive mask attached to long sheer black fabric with fishing line to attach as desired. Each finishing line (one on head, one on each ‘hand’) looks best when hung independently

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✅ Best Creepy Cute Goth

 Soft and great – The fabric is perfect. So soft and easy to cuddle up compared to other novelty pillow cases. Super soft! washes well! love it.

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✅ Best Skull Tapestry

100% satisfied – The quality of the printed image is detailed, crisp and striking. It looks in person exactly as it does as an image on my HD monitor. Death’s cloak, in daylight, is dark, very dark grey when compared to the black background

above the mage: A house that is entirely black? Fantastic display of style. But what about a log cabin in the woods that is completely black in the middle of the night? Perhaps we shouldn’t go in there by ourselves…

Another graphic paint job that we just can’t get enough of is depicted up top.

Pictured above is: The color black exudes power and authority, but it can also be reassuring and calm.

After you make the jump, there are even more gloomy and dimly lit rooms for you to explore.

Pictured above is: It is so interesting to see how the changing of the seasons can alter our perspective. This is a charming nook at any other time of the year, but come October, the bones and sepia photographs take on a more sinister feel.

Pictured above is: It is so interesting to see how the changing of the seasons can alter our perspective. This is a charming nook at any other time of the year, but come October, the bones and sepia photographs take on a more sinister feel.

Pictured above is: What exactly is located at the end of this bland corridor and behind that arresting door? Possibilities of a creepy nature.

Pictured above is: The combination of mint and black brings to mind nostalgic Halloween candies. The inclusion of the black baroque detail is an elegant and sophisticated way to add some spook.

Pictured above is: The lighting in this home is clearly set to a mood that is dark and foreboding, which is a quick and easy way to set the mood.

Pictured above is: This is the residence of the Stinsons. The appropriate amount of bat black is how we refer to it.

Pictured above is: Around this worn table, we can only hazard a guess as to the schemes and shenanigans that might be hatched by those seated there. Utilizing the color purple, black, or cocoa is a great way to give a subtle nod to the spooky season.

Do you think that while you’re sleeping, they sneak down to your room and play? Image above:

Pictured above is: This ancient and quaint fireplace looks like it could have been in the home of any number of powerful witches throughout time. The dark and imposing stone that was used for the fireplace is one of our favorite features of the room.

Pictured above is: What an incredible setting for spooky tales, Ouija boards, and good times with friends.

Follow the black to…more black in this bedroom full of rich contrasts, as seen in the image above.

Pictured above is an example of an accessory of the type known as “the eyes follow you.” Spooky.

Pictured above is: This vacation home in the Catskills has a dreary color scheme that gives us the creeps. We might get warmer if we took a bath in this antique clawfoot tub… maybe. Demonstration that black isn’t the only scary-looking color in your palette to play with.

Pictured above is: The Thanksgiving tablescape that Michele created would also be wonderful for a dinner on All Hallows’ Eve. We cannot express how much we adore how the lacquered candelabra serves as the focal point of the entire ensemble. Another demonstration that a relatively minor adjustment can have a significant effect.

Pictured above is: The answer is obvious: black and gold. The ability of this storage cabinet to serve as great storage without taking up visual space is made possible by painting it the same color as the wall that it covers. What a brilliant solution for confined areas!

Check out for ideas to design your own loft rooms with extra storage space!

The combination of black and bone white is a fail-safe color scheme (see image above).

Pictured above is: Paige’s personal artwork and mementos look stunning against the dark walls, which provide the ideal setting for displaying them.

Pictured above is: Gemma’s dramatic and gloomy interpretation of eclectic style is not diminished in any way, not even by a clever pop of cheery pink.

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