Best Free Homeschooling Educational Resources For Every Subject 2022

The websites that follow all provide free access to various educational resources. Leave a comment below with the website address and any other relevant information if you know of any other websites that you think I should include.

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✅ Best Homeschool Curriculum Book

Comprehensive, helpful resource – This book lays out the learning expectations by grade in clear, concise sections by grade and subject, but not in a prescribed way. It focuses on learner questions and offers many, many ideas for project-based learning across subjects and grade level, so it’s also helpful if you’re teaching multiple learners. It also offers rich lists of book, project, and online resources for immersion into the different subjects. 



Language Arts

  • Bibliomania awesome free online literature with more than 2,000 texts
  • BibMe The fully automatic bibliography maker that auto-fills. It’s the easiest way to build a works cited page.
  • free online dictionary, thesaurus, quote finder, and translater
  • EasyBib a free automatic bibliography and citation maker-so helpful and cool
  • Free Rice free online vocabulary quizzes
  • Project Gutenberg free ebooks
  • Starfall reading and phonics games and activities
  • free online thesaurus
  • free handwriting pages


  • History on the Net free printable worksheets
  • Free site with history lessons, links, quizzes, including AP resources and tests.
  • KidsPast is the fun way to explore our history; packed with articles from early man, to recent historical events
  • King Tut One my favorite resource center;  brings Egypt information in a way that’s innovative and informative
  • Mr Donn games, worksheets, activities, and lesson plans for American History
  • U.S. History Site huge website with free lessons, worksheets, timelines, historical photos, and lots of links to other resources

PA History



  • Country Reports-free website with cultural, historical, and statistical information for countries of the world; also has free activities to download
  • Have Fun Teachingfree printable worksheets with US state facts
  • Maps Etc. free printable world maps, both ancient and current
  • TLS Books free geography worksheets
  • Your Child Learns free interactive maps and maps puzzles that teach the US and World geography


  • How Stuff Works explains thousands of topics with video and illustrations so you can learn how everything works
  • Nasa Quest free Web-based, interactive explorations designed to engage students in authentic scientific and engineering processes. The solutions relate to issues encountered daily by NASA personnel.
  • The Biology Corner free Biology lesson plans, labs, and printables
  • The Physics Classroom online interactive tutorial of basic physics concepts

Foreign Language

  • Duolingo free interactive language program that is very user friendly.


  • Everyday Health free website dedicated to helping you stay healthy; diet and exercise planners; calorie calculators, health checks, and more


  • Art Graphica free lessons on various art mediums such as drawing, charcoal, watercolors, etc.
  • Garden Of Praise – website with lots of free lessons and printables on art and art history
  • How To Draw and Paint free online art lessons


  • Teoria website dedicated to the study of music theory




  • Free Book Notes: the ultimate guide to websites where you can download FREE ebooks!

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