Benefits Of Making Candles Instead Of Buying: DIY Arts In 2022

Candles can be purchased for very little money; for the price of a Happy Meal, one can purchase a bag containing hundreds of miniature candles.

And the cost difference between the smaller and larger options is not that great.

Why on earth would you want to make candles when you can simply buy them in a store when the process is so simple?

To put that in perspective, it’s the same as asking why someone would want to paint themselves a picture when they could just buy a print of it and frame it instead.

Making candles is an art that can produce stunningly beautiful works of art, not to mention the fact that the process of making candles can be a lot of fun in and of itself.

Candle making falls squarely within the realm of arts and crafts in today’s world, which means that you should have no trouble locating all of the tools and waxes you require at your neighborhood arts and crafts store.

If you want to make a candle, all you need to do is get some wax and melt it in a pan. If you can’t find any plain wax, you can even use wax from commercially produced candles.

If the wax does not already have a color, you will need to add dye after it has been melted.

After that, you simply need to place the wick, also known as the string that burns, into a mold, then pour the wax into it and let it harden.

Again, if you are unable to obtain a real candle mold, you can improvise with non-permanent objects that are found around the house. For example, you could use half of a milk carton or another type of bottle.

Using that fundamental approach is, of course, only the beginning.

Once you have that mastered, you can move on to combining waxes of varying colors, using molds of increasing complexity, and even embellishing your creations with elements such as glitter and other embellishments.

You can make large candles by covering larger objects in wax and then shaping them into candles, or you can melt small objects like shiny pebbles and add them to the hot wax.

There is a good chance that the craft store (or the library) will have books about candle making, with more in-depth “recipes” that you can either follow directly or incorporate into your own designs. If you are in need of additional inspiration, you can look for these books.

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