The Beginner’s Guide To Homeschooling: Steps To Take Before You Begin Your Study At Home 2022

So you’re thinking about homeschooling. Or maybe you’ve taken the next step down the path and you are ready to begin. How to start? What to buy? I have three simple steps you should take before you begin homeschooling.

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✅ Best Homeschool Planner For Beginners

It’s what’s on the inside that counts. – You will love how the pages offer prompts to help add some organization to your month/week, yet are open-ended enough to allow freedom to use it uniquely. The tabs are immensely helpful as it will drastically help me to quickly get where you need more easily and you don’t have to add in your own tabs.

Find Support

Find other moms in your area who already homeschool and ask them to tell you a little bit about their daily routines. Hopefully you know someone at church or in a playgroup, or maybe even an old friend from college. Start with her. Most homeschoolers I know are more than happy to give you info about curriculum and resources. They’ll gladly tell you all about their joys and struggles and challenges and achievements. Utilize them.

Know The Law

Go to to read up on the laws in your state. HSLDA stands for Home School Legal Defense Association. This legal group is largely responsible for the legal freedom to homeschool in many states. And they know their stuff. Plus, their website includes tons of getting started stuff like forms you’ll need, links to other sites, etc. They also have lists of support groups by state and regions.

Buy Some Helpful Books For Research

Go out and buy a few good informational books.

The 3Rs by Ruth Beechick is one of my favorites. Beechick was a lifelong educator who recognized that children learn best in a home environment. Her words are gentle and encouraging and full of wisdom for the homeschooling parent.

Mary Pride’s Big Book of Home Learning book is about the size of a telephone directory and has literally everything you’ll want to know and probably some stuff you don’t. She has chapters on curriculum, subjects, websites, laws, learning styles, diet and nutrition, homeschooling methods, and much much more. And it’s the type of book that’s made for reference rather than reading straight through-so don’t let the size intimidate you.

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling by Debra Bell is along similar lines with a similar layout. Very well written and encouraging for the beginner and expert alike.

The Way They Learn by Cynthia Tobias gives a great overview of learning styles in children. It’s a very helpful resource even if you decide not to homeschool because every child has his own unique way to learn.

Once you’ve plowed your way through these tomes you will hopefully have a better handle on how you want to approach your homeschool.

Ready to begin?

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