The Beginner’s Guide To Homeschooling: Steps To Take Before You Begin Your Study At Home 2022

So you’re thinking about educating your children at home. Or perhaps you have advanced one step further along the path, and you are now prepared to get started. Where do we even begin? Where should I shop? Before you start teaching your children at home, there are three easy steps you need to take first.

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✅ Best Homeschool Planner For Beginners

It’s what’s on the inside that counts. – You will love how the pages offer prompts to help add some organization to your month/week, yet are open-ended enough to allow freedom to use it uniquely. The tabs are immensely helpful as it will drastically help me to quickly get where you need more easily and you don’t have to add in your own tabs.

Find Support

Find some other mothers in your area who are already homeschooling their children and ask them to fill you in on some of their day-to-day activities. If you go to church or participate in a playgroup, or even if you have an old friend from college, hopefully you know someone who can help. Begin with her first. The majority of people who homeschool that I know will gladly share information with you regarding the various resources and curricula they use. They will gladly share with you all of their triumphs and tribulations, challenges and opportunities, and accomplishments. Make use of them.

Know The Law

Visit the website to learn more about the laws that apply in your state. Home School Legal Defense Association is the abbreviation for this organization. This legal organization is largely responsible for the legal freedom enjoyed in many states to engage in homeschooling. And they are extremely knowledgeable. In addition, their website has a lot of information that is necessary for getting started, such as links to other websites, forms, and so on. In addition to that, they offer lists of support groups organized geographically and by state.

Buy Some Helpful Books For Research

Go out and get yourself some high-quality reference books.

One of my favorites is The 3Rs, which was written by Ruth Beechick. Beechick was a lifelong educator who understood that the most effective learning environment for children is in their own homes. Her words are kind and encouraging, and they are packed with sage advice for parents who homeschool their children.

The Mary Pride’s Big Book of Home Learning book is about the size of a telephone directory, and it contains literally everything that you will want to know as well as probably some things that you won’t want to know. She has chapters on topics such as curriculum, subjects, websites, laws, learning styles, diet and nutrition, homeschooling methods, and a great deal of other information as well. Also, this is the kind of book that is designed to be referred to rather than read from beginning to end, so you shouldn’t let the volume put you off.

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling, written by Debra Bell, follows a very similar format and is organized in a very similar manner. Very encouraging and well-written, suitable for both novices and seasoned professionals alike.

Cynthia Tobias’s book, “The Way They Learn,” provides an excellent overview of children’s various learning styles. It is a very helpful resource even if you decide not to homeschool your children because every child learns in his or her own special way, and you should take that into consideration.

When you have finished working your way through these thick books, you should, with any luck, have a better idea of how you want to proceed with your homeschooling endeavors.

Are you prepared to start?

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