Creative Wordings For Wedding Invitations: A Unique Style In 2021

As you reach the time to design your invitations, you get to think on the appropriate wedding invitation wording. On which words you would like your guests to read when they open the envelope. If you write down normal common words, your invitations could turn out to be quite boring. That is why creative wording for wedding invitations is very important.

– What to do first

The first thing you must decide on is who is going to invite the guests to the ceremony. It could be the bride and groom, the bride’s parents, the groom’s parents, or the bride’s and groom’s parents. This is very important because the invitation will focus around the person who is inviting.

The bride’s and groom’s parents are the ones that usually invite the people to their child’s wedding, but it has become very popular now a day that the bride and groom invite the guests.

– Creative thinking

Once that is determined, you can begin to think on creative wording. A great technique many people use for creative wedding invitations is beginning the card with a quote that represents your marriage, such as: “And the two shall become one…”

If your wedding is going to have a theme, it is wise to start the invitations with something about it. Let’s say you are going to have a tropical wedding. You’re invitation could start with something like: “Love drifts in like a soothing tide on the dry sand”. Try to think of something that will go perfectly with the theme of your wedding.

– Personalize it

For a more personalized wedding invitation it is best to write down something that stands for you and your partner; something that speaks for you. The words must make your guests remember you when they read them. It could be a quote that you say a lot or one that describes you perfectly. If you can’t remember of something like that, try asking your closest friends and family for suggestions.

– Treat them like kings

As creative as you get when you write down the words for your invitations, always remember to use words like “the pleasure of your company” or “the honor of your presence”. Try to think of the words in a very elegant manner, so that when your guests read them, they feel as if like they were being treated like royalty.

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